Daily Current Affairs 19th June 2024

Q.1. Which Indian business and EDGE Group agreed to a strategic partnership deal to expand their defence and aerospace capabilities?
ANS. Adani Defence
Q.2. What was the name of the NCISM conference held in honour of its fourth foundation day?
Q.3. After twenty years, where are the historic civil body votes set to take place?
ANS. Nagaland
Q.4. In what location is TIDCO investigating alternatives for urban air mobility, such as the introduction of “flying cars” or air taxis?
ANS. Chennai
Q.5. Which business has maintained its spot among the top 100 global brands for the last three years?
ANS. Infosys
Q.6. Who has been named SBICAP Ventures Limited’s new MD and CEO?
ANS. Prem Prabhakar
Q.7. On what day each year is International Albinism Awareness Day observed?
ANS. June 13
Q.8. Which Indian state has declared a monthly stipend as part of the “Nijut Moina” initiative to stop child marriages?
ANS. Assam
Q.9. What kind of animal is Buronius manfredschmidi, the recently found specimen?
ANS. Ape
Q.10. Which nation and Russia are jointly practicing tactical nuclear weapons drills?
ANS. Belarus
Q.11. In May 2024, what was the retail inflation rate in India?
ANS. 4.75%
Q.12. Which nation and India just introduced the Local Currency Settlement System (LCSS)?

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