Daily Current Affairs 21st June 2024

Q.1. Which city served as the launchpad for Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav’s intra-state “PM Shri Paryatan Vayu Seva” aviation service to encourage tourism?
ANS. Bhopal
Q.2. Which city is home to the National Institute of Indian Medical Heritage (NIIMH), a collaborative centre for traditional medicine research recognised by the World Health Organisation?
ANS. Hyderabad
Q.3. When is the annual Global Wind Day observed?
ANS. June 15
On June 14, where was the India-IORA Cruise Tourism Conference held to end?
ANS. New Delhi
Q.5. Which river separates Nepal and India on the international level?
ANS. Mahakali River
Q.6. Who was the first Indian to win the Equestrian 3-Star Grand Prix?
ANS. Shruti Vora
Q.7. Which date is designated as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day each year?
ANS. June 15
Q.8. Who will release his memoir, “I Have the Streets: A Kutti Cricket Story”?
ANS. Ravichandran Ashwin
Q.9. What’s the name of the AI-powered device that combines facial recognition and gait analysis for authentication, created by a female-led start-up?
ANS. Divya Drishti
Q.10. “A Fly on the RBI Wall: An Insider’s View of the Central Bank” was written by who?
ANS. Alpana Killawala
Q.11. In 2024, who took home the FIDE Under-20 Girl’s World Chess Championship?
ANS. Divya Deshmukh
Q.12. What scientific tool is China working with Bahrain and Egypt to create for the Chang’e-7 mission?
ANS. Hyperspectral Camera

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