Daily Current Affairs 22nd June 2024

Q.1. Who became the first female helicopter pilot in the Indian Navy?
ANS. Anamika B. Rajeev
Q.2. What is 2025, according to the UN?
ANS. International Year of Quantum Science and Technology
Q.3. Who has been named the FICCI’s new director general?
ANS. Jyoti Vij
Q.4. Which nation will permit non-citizen permanent residents to enlist in the military as of July 2024?
ANS. Australia
Q.5. Who emerged victorious in an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bout to become the first Indian fighter?
ANS. Puja Tomar
Q.6. When is Father’s Day in 2024 going to be observed?
ANS. June 16
Q.7. Where will the 2025–2029 MotoGP Bharat event is held?
ANS. Noida
Q.8. “India’s Progressive Path in the Administration of Criminal Justice System” conference is scheduled to take place in which city?
ANS. Kolkata
Q.9. Who has been named the NITI Aayog’s new director?
ANS. Ashis Kumar Dash
Q.10. At the Budapest Ranking Series, Reetika Hooda won a silver medal in which sport?
ANS. Wrestling
Q.11. At the World Para Athlete Grand Prix in Nottwil City, Switzerland, who took home two gold medals?
ANS. Saurabh Sharma
Which date is designated as the annual International Day of Family Remittances?
ANS. June 16

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