Daily Current Affairs 23rd June 2024

Q.1. In 2024, where did the G7 Summit take place?
ANS. Italy
Q.2. Whom did Tamil Nadu collaborate with to offer the Naan Mudhalvan program’s youth IT skills?
ANS. Oracle
Q.3. What is the topic for the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) in its eighteenth year?
ANS. India in Amrit Kaal
Q.4. Who was recognised by the UNCCD as a Land Hero for his efforts to reduce trash and practise natural farming?
ANS. Siddhesh Sakore
Q.5. Where will the Malabar River Festival be held in 2024?
ANS. Kozhikode
Q.6. Which Indian state saw the start of “Mission Nishchay” by the Punjab Police?
ANS. Punjab
Q.7. Who was able to win a second term as South Africa’s president?
ANS. Cyril Ramaphosa
Q.8. What is the name of the satellite that Chinese researchers used to identify a novel solar rotation pattern?
Q.9. Where were the remains of Musankwa sanyatiensis, the newly discovered dinosaur species, found?
ANS. Zimbabwe
Q.10. Which organisation hosted the largest attendance at a public service event and got its name added to the Limca Book of Records?
ANS. Indian Railways
Q.11. Which place among nations with a Deep Sea Mission of its own will India occupy?
ANS. 6th
Q.12. When is the World Day of Combating Drought and Desertification observed?
ANS. June 17

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