Daily Current Affairs 24th June 2024

Q.1. Which nation supplied the Israeli Navy with its second brand-new landing craft?
ANS. United States
Q.2. What day is designated as Sustainable Gastronomy Day?
ANS. June 18
Q.3. At the BWF Australian Open in Sydney in 2024, who won?
ANS. Lee Zii Jia
Q.4. Using the CHASE satellite, researchers from which nation found a new pattern of solar rotation?
ANS. China
Q.5. When is the International Day for Countering Hate Speech observed in different nations throughout the world?
ANS. June 18
Q.6. With what company is ISRO working on the NISAR satellite mission?
Q.7. Which city will remain the most expensive city in India for foreigners in 2024, according to the Mercer Report?
ANS. Mumbai
Q.8. Which state in India was the Purvanchal Cooperative Bank situated in prior to the RBI revoking its licence?
ANS. Uttar Pradesh
Q.9. What is the updated GDP growth estimate for India by Fitch Ratings for FY25?
ANS. 7.2%
Q.10. Which river was the site of an experimental steel arch rail bridge built by the Indian Railways?
ANS. Chenab River
Q.11. Where was the most recent Peace in Ukraine Summit held?
ANS. Switzerland
Q.12. What is the name of the August 2024 international air exercise that will be India’s first ever?
ANS. Tarang Shakti

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