Daily Current Affairs 29th June 2024

Q.1. When is the worldwide celebration of World Hydrography Day?
ANS. June 21
Q.2. In the biggest coding competition in the world, TCS CodeVita Season 10, who took first place?
ANS. Kalash Gupta
Q.3. What was the occupation of Harpal Singh Bedi?
ANS. Sports journalist
Q.4. Which ranking among the 180 countries did India achieve in the 2024 Environment Performance Index?
ANS. 176th
Q.5. Where was the first successful transfusion of foetal blood carried out in India?
Q.6. Which company installed the first Global Navigation Satellite System Receiver in Delhi NCR in partnership with Manav Rachna University?
Q.7. Which state did ZSI find the new eel species, Pisodonophis kalinga?
ANS. Odisha
Q.8. Which nation worked with India and the UK to create an activated carbon catalyst that is superhydrophobic in order to produce biodiesel at a lower cost?
ANS. China
Q.9. Where was the Miyawaki Method mini-forest created?
ANS. Raipur
Q.10. Where was the World Health Assembly held that acknowledged India’s efforts to eradicate tuberculosis?
ANS. Geneva

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