Daily Current Affairs 30th June 2024

Q.1. Every year, on what date is International Olympic Day observed?
ANS. June 23
Q.2. Every year, on what date is the International Day of Women in Diplomacy observed?
ANS. June 24
Q.3. Which organisation has imposed new guidelines to improve the quality and safety of electric vehicles in India?
ANS. Bureau of Indian Standards
Q.4. Which state is home to the first Asian king vulture conservation and breeding facility in the world?
ANS. Uttar Pradesh
Q.5. Who has been named Sony Pictures Networks India’s new CEO and Managing Director?
ANS. Gaurav Banerjee
Q.6. Where at the 43rd World Medical and Health Games did four Indian personnel from the Armed Forces Medical Service (AFMS) achieve remarkable success?
ANS. Saint-Tropez

Q.7. Where were the oldest termite mounds found in the globe that were still inhabited?
ANS. South Africa
Q.8. Which state is home to the first underground coal gasification pilot project in India?
ANS. Jharkhand
Q.9. Which position did India lose in the global rankings for foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2023?
ANS. 15th
Q.10. Where was the “Fast Track Immigration – Trusted Traveller Programme” launched at the airport?
ANS. Indira Gandhi International Airport
Q.11. Which year has the Odisha government extended its Hockey India sponsorship commitment?
ANS. 2036

Q.12. On June 23, 2024, which city was declared the inaugural UNESCO City of Literature in India?
ANS. Kozhikode

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