Daily Current Affairs 5th July 2024

Q.1. Which nation won the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 after overcoming South Africa in the championship match?
ANS. India
Q.2. What is the Indian state where the bioplastic park is being developed?
ANS. Uttar Pradesh
Q.3. When is every year’s International Day of the Tropics celebrated?
ANS. June 29
Q.4. What framework for facilitating currency exchanges with adjacent countries did the Reserve Bank of India announce for the period 2024–2027?
Q.5. For her contributions to Hindi literature and the strengthening of cultural connections between India and Nepal, who has been awarded the 12th Vishwa Hindi Samman?
ANS. Dr Usha Thakur
Q.6. How prepared is India for artificial intelligence (AI) among the 174 economies in the world, according to the IMF Artificial Intelligence Preparedness Index 2024?
ANS. 72
Q.7. In October 2024, where will the Tech Mahindra Global Chess League II take place?
ANS. London
Q.8. Which business has received a $843 million contract from NASA to build a spacecraft that will enable safe deorbiting of the International Space Station (ISS) by the year 2030?
ANS. SpaceX
Q.9. Which nation saw the beginning of the Rhisotope Project, when scientists injected radioactive material into rhinoceros horns to stop poaching?
ANS. South Africa
Q.10. When does India commemorate National Statistics Day each year?
ANS. June 29
Q.11. Where is the 10 MWp floating solar plant owned by Central Railway located?
ANS. Igatpuri lake
Q.12. Beginning in July 2024, who will serve as India’s future foreign secretary?
ANS. Vikram Misri
Q.13. Adani Defence & Aerospace has a manufacturing deal with which company to produce 70mm rockets in India?
ANS. Thales Group
Q.14. Which Indian state launched the nation’s first Witness Protection Scheme to protect witnesses throughout inquiries and legal proceedings in order to ensure fair justice?
ANS. Assam

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