Daily Current Affairs

Daily Current Affairs 26th May 2023

1. The Jhelum Rajbagh Riverfront was opened by Jammu & Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha in which city?

Ans. Srinagar

2. The third Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group (ECSWG) conference will start in which city?

Ans. Mumbai

3. 'NVS-01 Navigation Satellite' is scheduled for launch from which nation?

Ans. India

4. Which city will begin using 100 electric buses in August as part of the Smart Urban e-Mobility Project?

Ans. Jammu

5. Whose "Guts Amidst Bloodbath" semi-autobiography is that?

Ans. Anshuman Gaekwad

6. The Burachapori wildlife sanctuary is located in which state/UT?

Ans. Assam

7. The 'Nath corridor' will be built in which Indian city?

Ans. Bareilly

8. Which state was the first under the Mukhyamantri Teerthdarshan Yojana to offer air travel for pilgrims?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh

9. In accordance with the study "The Billion Dollar Death Trade: International Arms Networks," India has sent the military regime in Myanmar guns, dual-use products, and raw materials worth how many crores?

Ans. Rs. 422 crores

10. Which state approved the Good Governance Regulation first in the nation?

Ans. Maharashtra

11. Which state celebrated the opening of one of India's longest Skywalk Bridges, measuring 570 metres?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

12. Which airport in India has just received the British Safety Council's First-Class International Safety Award?

Ans. Trichy

13. Which one is the sixth and last submarine overall in the Kalvari class?

Ans. Vaghsheer

14. Which number accurately depicts the current size of India's defence industry?

Ans. Rs. 1 lakh crore

15. Which state is home to Kudumbashree, the biggest self-help group network in the nation?

Ans. Kerala

16. The book "The Golden Years: The Many Joys of Living a Good Long Life" was written by who?

Ans. Ruskin Bond

17. In the 2023 World Table Tennis Championships, who will be in charge of the Indian campaign?

Ans. Sharath Kamal

18. Which two nations are participating in the bilateral exercise "Samudra Shakti-23"?

Ans. India and Indonesia

19. Which state's distinctive Kangra tea has applied for a GI tag with the EU?

Ans. Himachal Pradesh

20. What IIT did Israel and India collaborate with to create a centre for water technology?

Ans. IIT Madras