GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 20-20 (22.06.2024)

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1. What is ‘laughing gas?

    (A) N2O

    (B) NO3

    (C) NO

    (D) SO2

    Ans:- (A)

    2. The number of mitochondria in bacterial cells is:

    (A) One

    (B) two

    (C) many

    (D) zero

    Ans:- (D)

    3. The golden view of the sea shell is due to_____

    (A) Diffraction

    (B) Dispersion

    (C) Polarization

    (D) Reflection

    Ans:- (C)

    4. An object covers distance which is directly proportional to the square of the time. Its acceleration is_____

    (A) increasing

    (B) decreasing

    (C) zero

    (D) constant

    Ans:- (D)

    5. Telnet stands for:

    (B) Television Network

    (A) Telephone Network

    (C) Teletype Network

    (D) Telefax Network

    Ans:- (C)

    6. Dry ice is:

    (A) ice at −15°C

    (B) ice just below the melting point

    (C) solid CO2

    (D) None of the above

    Ans:- (C)

    7. The normal temperature of the human body is 98.4°F. Its centigrade equivalent is:

    (A) 47.6°C

    (B) 36.89°C

    (C) 40°C

    (D) 35.5°C

    Ans:- (B)

    8. The period between _______ in India’s history is known as the Delhi Sultanate period,

    (A) 1206 A.D. and 1526 A.D.

    (B) 1456 A.D. and 1675 AD.

    (C) 745 A.D. and 1245 A.D.

    (D) 1105 A.D. and 1445 A.D.

    Ans:- (A)

    9. Mihira Bhoja was the ruler of ______

    (A) Rashtrakuta

    (B) Chola

    (C) Pratihara

    (D) Chalukya

    Ans:- (C)

    10. In the year 1978, the _______amendment eliminated the right to acquire, hold, and dispose of property as a fundamental right.

    (A) 41st

    (B) 43rd

    (C) 44th

    (D) 22nd

    Ans:- (C)

    11. With what bio-region is the term “Steppe” associated?

    (A) Grasslands

    (B) Tropical Forests

    (C) Savanna

    (D) Coniferous Forests

    Ans:- (A)

    12. About how much of the world’s land area is tropical rainforest?

    (A) 2 percent

    (B) 7 percent

    (C) 10 percent

    (D) 13 percent

    Ans:- (B)

    13. The world’s growing appetite for what food product is a leading cause of tropical deforestation?

    (A) Pork

    (B) Sugar

    (C) Lamb

    (D) Beef

    Ans:- (D)

    14. The Oscar Award was won 36 times by:

    (A) Charlie Chaplin

    (B) Alfred Hitchcock

    (C) Walt Disney

    (D) Akiro Kurosawa

    Ans:- (C)

    15. The boiling point of water decreases at higher altitudes due to:

    (A) low temperature

    (B) low atmospheric pressure

    (C) high temperature

    (D) high atmospheric pressure

    Ans:- (B)

    16. Which part of the human eye controls the amount of light entering the eye?

    (A) Iris

    (B) Cornea

    (C) Pupil

    (D) Retina

    Ans:- (A)

    17. ‘Mithun’, a cattle breed is found in:

    (A) Tamilnadu

    (B) Arunachal Pradesh

    (C) Kerala

    (D) Maharashtra

    Ans:- (B)

    18. Veer Kunwar Sing Jayanti is celebrated in_______ in order to recognize the achievements of Kunwar Singh during the Indian rebellion of 1857.

    (A) Himachal Pradesh

    (B) Bihar

    (C) Uttarakhand

    (D) Uttar Pradesh

    Ans:- (B)

    19. Which cells in our body are popularly called “soldiers of the human body”?

    (A) Eosinophils

    (B) White blood cells

    (C) Red blood cells

    (D) Basophils

    Ans:- (B)

    20. Which hormone leads to the expulsion of milk from the breast during sucking?

    (A) Estrogen

    (B) Serotonin

    (C) Oxytocin

    (D) Progesterone

    Ans:- (C)

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