Daily Current Affairs 8th Aug, 2022

1) Which Union Ministry was in charge of implementing the 'Saksham Anganwadi and Poshan 2.0' scheme?

Ans:- Ministry of Women and Child Development

2) Tulika Mann won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games in which sport?

Ans:- Judo

3) How many start-ups are registered in India as of August 2022?

Ans:- 75000

4) BEL signed a deal worth how much money with the Ministry of Defense for anti-submarine warfare systems?

Ans:- 250

5) In the Fortune 500 Global List 2022, which company is India's highest-ranked?

Ans:- LIC

6) Which state's women's team won the 12th Hockey India Senior Women's National Championship for the first time?

Ans:- Odisha

7) For the first time ever, India won a historic gold medal in which sport at the Commonwealth Games?

Ans:- Lawn Bowl

8) Which state is the newly designated Ramsar site, Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary?

Ans:- Tamil Nadu

9) Which field is NDC, as seen in the news?

Ans:- Climate Change

10) Which country is the Geldingadalir volcano, which erupted?

Ans:- Iceland

11) Which district in India will house the World's Largest Floating Solar Power Plant?

Ans:- Khandwa

12) Who won India's first-ever high jump medal at the Commonwealth Games 2022?

Ans:- Tejaswin Shankar

13) On which date is US Coast Guard Day observed?

Ans:- August 04

14) Rakhigarhi, which has recently made headlines, is an ancient site in which state?

Ans:- Haryana

15) Which ministry is involved in the Weapons of Mass Destruction and Delivery Systems Amendment Bill 2022?

Ans:- Ministry of External Affairs

16) The Tiranga Utsav was organised by the Ministry of Culture to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pingali Venkayya, the designer of India's national flag.

Ans:- 146th

17) Which company will be responsible for implementing the 'First in India' seating system for Vande Bharat Express trains?

Ans:- Tata Group

18) Which sport is Vikas Thakur associated with, after winning a silver medal for India at the Commonwealth Games 2022?

Ans:- Weightlifting

19) Which country initiated the Cheerag scheme?

Ans:- Haryana

20) Which medal did the Indian badminton mixed team win at the Commonwealth Games 2022?

Ans:- Silver

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