Daily Current Affairs 15th April 2021

1) Which of the following Centralized Payment Systems (CPS) facilities has the RBI agreed to open up for payment system operators?

Ans:- Real Time Gross Settlement & National Electronic Fund Transfer

2) Which state has given EWS category candidates in state services an age relaxation?

Ans:-  Rajasthan

3) For the e-Spice Bazar portal, the Spices Board of India has signed an MoU with which organization?

Ans:- UNDP

4) The #WorldHomoeopathyDay commemorates the birth anniversary of the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Who was the inventor of the homeopathic medical system?

Ans:- Samuel Hahnemann

5) Which asset management firm in India has been the first to reach the Rs. 5 lakh crore mark in average assets under management?

Ans:- SBI Mutual Fund

6) The Hindi translation of the book 'Odisha Itihaas' was recently published by Prime Minister Modi. What is the name of the author of this book?

Ans:- Harekrushna Mahtab

7) Who represented India at the World Bank-IMF Development Committee's 103rd Meeting, which was held virtually?

Ans:- Nirmala Sitharaman

8) Which Indian woman has been appointed Associate Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)?

Ans:- Usha Rao Monari

9) Which state or university has started the Lab on Wheels program for low-income students?

Ans:- Delhi

10) What state has the central government approved 14 road projects worth Rs. 670 crores?

Ans:- Jharkhand

11) Who has been appointed Chairman of the Airport Authority of India?

Ans:- Sanjeev Kumar

12) Who is the first woman to compete for the Olympics as a sailor?

Ans:- Nethra Kumanan

13) The National Atmospheric Research Laboratory, Department of Space, Government of India, has signed an MoU for Academic and Research Cooperation with which country?

Ans:- Japan

14) Which country has made it illegal for Indian people and residents to enter?

Ans:- New Zealand

15) What country recently received the Rs 100 crore patrol vessel "PS Zoroaster" from the Indian government?

Ans:- Seychelles

16) Every year on which day is World Homeopathy Day observed?

Ans:- April 10

17) NanoSniffer is the first Microsensor-based Explosive Trace Detector (ETD) in the world, developed by NanoSniff Technologies, an incubation startup based in?

Ans:- IIT Bombay

18) Who will receive the Devishankar Awasthi Award in 2020?

Ans:- Ashutosh Bhardwaj

19) Which institute has created a dengue detection system that can be tested in under an hour?

Ans:- IIT Delhi


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