Daily Current Affairs 7th April 2020

1) The Indian Air Force recently delivered 6.2 million tonnes of essential medicines to which country under Operation Sanjeevani?

Ans:- Maldives

2) The Government of India will provide incentives of how much when a company shows increased sales on electronic products to boost electronics manufacturing in the country?

Ans:- 4% to 6%

3) The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has identified how many Covid-19 hotspots in the country?

Ans:- 20

4) Which Indian NGO wins USD 1.5 million Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship?


5) What is name of application used to track COVID-19 patients who have violated quarantine?

Ans:- CAQS

6) International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance is observed on which of the following day?

Ans:- April 4

7) Which Insurance Policy is basically launched to cover the hospitalisation expenses of the COVID-19 patients?

Ans:- Arogya Sanjeevani Insurance Policy

8) The Government of India has constituted a Science and Technology Empowered Committee to make speedy decisions on research and development of COVID-19. Who is Chairman of this committee?

Ans:- Vinod Paul

9) The associations of civil servants started which initiative to support government efforts to fight Corona Virus?


10) Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has suggested the use of which tablets only for health care workers and caregivers involved in the treatment and direct contact with the suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients?

Ans:- Hydroxychloroquine tablets

11) The Minister of electronics and IT & HRD Shri Sanjay Dhotre launched which programme that aims to work on solutions for COVID-19?

Ans:- Hack the Crisis- India

12) Researchers of biomedical sciences of New York Institute of Technology stated that the countries with policies are less affected by Corona Virus?

Ans:- BCG policies

13) Which state government in collaboration with the UNICEF, launched an online cultural competition among children to keep them engaged at home during the lockdown period?

Ans:- Odisha

14) Which Indian company along with virologists of University of Wisconsin and Madison have begun development and testing of a new vaccine called CoroFlu for COVID-19?

Ans:- Bharat Biotech

15) The World Bank has funded how much money to India to fight against COVID-19?

Ans:- 1 billion USD

16) ADB forecasts Indian economy's growth to slow to what percent in 2020-21?

Ans:- 4%

17) PM Narendera Modi asked Indians to switch off their lights at 9 PM for nine minutes on which day?

Ans:- 5 April 2020

18) Hockey India donated how much amount towards the PM-CARES Fund to tackle worsening COVID-19 pandemic in the country?

Ans:- 1 Crore

19) The National Health Authority has partnered with which company to provide dedicated transport services to the health care workers that are involved in treating COVID-19 patients?

Ans:- Uber India

20) What is the new deadline for qualification period of Tokyo Olympics?

Ans:- June 29, 2021

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