Daily Current Affairs 9th May 2021

1) Which state has established a dedicated Helpline at the Covid-19 War Control Room that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide people with real-time Covid-19-related services?

Ans:- Jammu and Kashmir

2) KV Anand has died. What field was he linked to?

Ans:- Director

3) The maximum amount assured payable under the EDLI scheme has been increased by the Labour Ministry from Rs. 6 lakh to how much?

Ans:- Rs.7 lakh

4) Thisara Perera has declared that he will no longer play for Sri Lanka in international cricket. What country was he representing?

Ans:- Sri Lanka

5) In which state did the Indian Army inaugurate the first solar energy harnessing plant with a capacity of 56 kVA?

Ans:- Sikkim

6) The International Dawn Chorus Day is a celebration of the sounds of birds that occurs once a year. What is the commemoration day?

Ans:- First Sunday in May

7) Who has been appointed as Bihar's new Chief Secretary?

Ans:- Tripurari Sharan

8) Who among these is not a Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India?

Ans:- Indradeep Sinha

9) For the Kharif season of the 2021-22 crop year, the government has set a record rice production goal of how many tonnes?

Ans:- 104.3 million tonne

10) What organisation has partnered with CtrlS Datacenters as a strategic technology partner to improve their overall technology infrastructure resilience?

Ans:- Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life insurance

11) The smallest known black hole in the Milky Way Galaxy has been discovered by scientists. Which of the following was it given a name?

Ans:- Unicorn

12) In the month of April 2021, how much of the total GST revenue was collected?

Ans:- Rs.1,41,384 cr

13) What will be the theme for World Press Freedom Day in 2021?

Ans:- Information as a Public Good

14) What is the name of the fourth Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, who has been named to replace B P Kanungo?

Ans:- T. Rabi Sankar

15) What is the estimated GDP growth rate for the Indian Economy as per the rating agency BARCLAYS for the financial year 2021-22?

Ans:- 10%

16) When does World Laughter Day fall?

Ans:- First Sunday of May

17) The State Bank of India allocated how much amount towards the fight against Covid 19?

Ans:- Rs.71 cr

18) On which day is the International Firefighters' Day (IFFD) commemorated each year?

Ans:- 04 May

19) According to RBI info, non-food bank credit growth in March 2021 was what percentage?

Ans:- 4.9%

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