Daily Current Affairs 30th November 2020

1) Who was announced in the Biden Cabinet as the National Security Adviser?

Ans:- Jake Sullivan.

2) Which year has the Karnataka government set the goal of becoming a USD 50 billion biotechnology market?

Ans:- 2025.

3) Which state government has launched 'Him Suraksha Abhiyaan' to raise awareness of the pandemic of Covid-19?

Ans:- Himachal Pradesh.

4) Who is the author of book 'On the Move: My Journey as a Relentless Entrepreneur'?

Ans:- Hari Khemka.

5) Which Ministry launched the National Transgender Persons Portal?

Ans:- Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry.

6) Who inaugurated the second edition of Fit India School Week for children?

Ans:- Kiren Rijiju.

7) The government of Uttar Pradesh approved the Ganga Expressway project between what cities?

Ans:- Haridwar to Allahabad.

8) MOU on Cooperation in the field of Physical Culture and Sport signed between which countries has the Union Cabinet approved?

Ans:-  Brazil- Russia- India- China- South Africa.

9) Every year National Milk Day is observed on which date?

Ans:- November 26.

10) Who recently took an oath in the indigenous Maori language of New Zealand first?

Ans:- Gaurav Sharma.

11) Which state government has announced the Police Act Amendment decree that punishes libellous material?

Ans:- Kerala.

12) Which person's name was left on the Bowring and Lady Curzon Medical College and Research Institute?

Ans:- Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

13) Who is the author of the book about Sri Guru Nanak Dev's life?

Ans:- Kirpal Singh.

14) Which Indian film has been selected for the 93rd Loss Angeles Academy Awards?

 Ans:- Jallikattu.

15) Who is the author of book titled Indian Icon - A Cult called Royal Enfield?

Ans:- Amrit Raj.

16) Which nation has appointed John Kerry as its full-time climate chief?

Ans:- USA.

17) Which nation has appointed John Kerry as its full-time climate chief?

Ans:- Sourav Ganguly.

18) Who is the author of book 26/11 Braveheart: My Encounter With Terrorists That Night?

Ans:- Praveen Kumar Teotia​​​​​​​.

19) Who became PagarBook's brand ambassador?

Ans:- Akshay Kumar.


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