Daily Current Affairs 11th December 2019

1) Which country's students will launch self-made satellite from Sriharikota?

Ans:- Israel

2) Who is the former US Federal Reserve chairman who recently died at 92?

Ans:- Paul Volcker

3) Which city organized the FICCI ARISE Conference 2019?

Ans:- New Delhi

4) Which city will organize 'Block Hash Live 2019' conclave?

Ans:- Kochi

5) Which city is to organize "Transforming Education Conference for Humanity2019"?

Ans:- Vishakhapatnam

6) 3rd India-Australia Secretary-level 2+2 Dialogue was recently held in which of the following city?

Ans:- New Delhi

7) How many fast track courts will be set up by U.P. for speedy disposal of cases of sexual crimes against women, children?

Ans:- 218

8) Vistara inked code share agreement with which company?

Ans:- Lufthansa

9) What was the theme of "International Anti-Corruption Day"?

Ans:- United Against Corruption

10) The 18th India-Myanmar Foreign Office Consultations was held in which city?

Ans:- New Delhi

11) Who has became the first Indian to play 150 Ranji matches?

Ans:- Wasim Jaffer

12) Which country recently abolished rules requiring restaurants to provide separate entrances for women?

Ans:- Saudi Arabia

13) Which edition of "Admiral's Cup Sailing Regatta" recently began at INA, Ezhimala?

Ans:- 10th

14) As per the latest SIPRI Report, which is the largest Arms manufacturer in the world?

Ans:- Lockheed Martin

15) Anuranjita Kumar, who recently announced resignation was the MD of which bank?

Ans:- Royal Bank of Scotland

16) Who is to get the 'Gangadhar National Award' 2019?

Ans:- Viswanath Prasad Tiwari

17) What is India's rank in Human Development Index?

Ans:- 129

18) Who was the Cricket Committee head of Pakistan Cricket Board that has recently stepped down?

Ans:- Wasim Khan

19) International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime is observed on which day?

Ans:- 9th December


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