Daily Current Affairs 12th November 2019

1) National Education day is celebrated on which date?

Ans:- November 11

2) Which regional group releases the "Brown to Green Report"?

Ans:- G-20

3)  A newly discovered species of spider is named after which cricketer?

Ans:- Sachin Tendulkar

4) Angad Vir Singh Bajwa secured which medal at 14th Asian Shooting Championship recently?

Ans:- Gold

5) Which version of SWAYAM online portal was recently launched in India?

Ans:- 2.0

6) Which two organizations have won National Entrepreneurship Awards 2019?

Ans:- Sura & Sabariguru Repair Services

7) Who has become the fastest Indian bowler to take 50 T20I wickets?

Ans:- Yuzvendra Chahal

8) Which port will receive the maximum number of cruise ships in 2019-20?

Ans:- Mumbai

9) Which state has recorded the highest maternal mortality rate in India?

Ans:- Assam

10) Which country will organize 50th meeting of World Economic Forum ?

Ans:- Switzerland

11) Which country will assist in constructing a nuclear reactor at Busher nuclear power plant, Iran?

Ans:- Russia

12) Who has become the youngest Indian cricketer to score a half-century in international cricket?

Ans:- Shafali Verma

13) The Comprehensive Development Plan for which Union Territory was approved?

Ans:- Puducherry

14) Which organization launched its first all-electric aircraft, named as X-57 "Maxwell"?

Ans:- NASA

15) World Science Day of Peace and Development was celebrated on which date?

Ans:- 10th November

16) INDRA 2019 is a joint tri-service exercise of India with which country?

Ans:- Russia

17) Which city organized the 27th Conference of COCSSO,2019?

Ans:- Kolkata

18) Which city organized the 'Def-Connect' event?

Ans:- Jaipur


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