Daily Current Affairs 12th November 2020

1. Great Michael Holding appointed MCC Foundation Patron, he belongs to which nation?

Ans:- West Indies.

2. The Innovation Program 3.0 of AIM-Sirius is a 14-day virtual programme for India's schoolchildren and which country?

Ans:- Russia.

3. In which state does the Pakke Tiger Reserve provide Green Soldiers with Covid-19 insurance?

Ans:- Arunachal Pradesh.

4. Which nation was excluded from the Terrorism List of State Sponsors?

Ans:- Sudan.

5. Daniil Medvedev won Paris Master 2020. Which nation does he belong to?

Ans:- Russia.

6. Which Bilateral Cooperation Joint Commission was held between India and the Philippines?

Ans:-  4th.

7. Which state government is to reopen schools, places of worship after Diwali?

Ans:- Maharashtra. 

8. On which date is the National Legal Services Day observed annually?

Ans:- 9th November. 

9. Which High Court is the first one to live stream proceedings?

Ans:- Gujarat.

10. Which ministry is the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways being enlarged and renamed?

Ans:- Ministry of Shipping.

11. Who was elected to the Advisory Committee for Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) of the United Nations?

Ans:- Vidisha Maitra.

12. Which state launched "Parivarthanam" scheme for better livelihood of fisher folk?

Ans:- Kerala.

13. On which date is the annual International Day of Radiology celebrated?

Ans:- 8th November.

14. Which short film has the Oscar nomination become eligible?

Ans:- Natkhat.

15. 1st solar-based water supply project of India has been launched in which state?

Ans:- Arunachal Pradesh.


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