Daily Current Affairs 21th January 2021

1) What Indian organisation is running a training programme for school children called 'Yuvika'?

Ans:- Indian Space Research Organization

2) The 'Jal Jeevan Project' is the Union Government's flagship programme which aims to provide each rural household with tap water connections by which year?

Ans:-  2024

3) Which campus of AIIMS was awarded the Kayakalp Award?

Ans:- AIIMS Bhubaneswar

4) In the Hurun Global 500 survey, how many Indian companies were included?

Ans:- 11

5) What version has been conducted by the Navy of India of the Indian coastal defence exercise 'Sea Vigil - 21'?

Ans:- 2nd

6) Who is the author of the book 'The Myth of Population: Islam, Family Planning and Indian Politics'?

Ans:- SY Qureshi

7) In which state was the Hubbali to Dharwad Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) project recently inaugurated?

Ans:- Karnataka

8) What state has waived the examination fees for students who are registered?

Ans:- Odisha

9) Which government has agreed to build the beaches of Chandrabhaga and Talsari?

Ans:- Odisha

10) What state for Bamboo Entrepreneurship & Infrastructure Growth has signed an MoU with NECBDC?

Ans:- Jammu & Kashmir

11) What venue recently hosted the first ice climbing festival?

Ans:- Leh

12) What state government has declared that it will provide farmers with financial assistance to keep stray cattle in their homes?

Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

13) In which state was India's first 'Fire Park' inaugurated?

Ans:- Odisha

14) Which state government, on 15 January 2021, celebrated 'Thiruvalluvar Day'?

Ans:- Tamil Nadu

15) From which date will the Current International Trade Policy 2021-26 enter into force?

Ans:-  April 1st

16) As its Chief Information Officer, which company has named Pradipt Kapoor?

Ans:- Bharti Airtel

17) Which nation, with the UN and World Bank, has organised the 4th 'One Planet Summit 2021'?

Ans:- France

18) Which nation's military contingent will take part in India's Republic Day Parade 2021?

Ans:- Bangladesh

19) To build which terminal, has Sri Lanka revived the port agreement with India and Japan?

Ans:- Deep-sea terminal


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