Daily Current Affairs 20th January 2021

1) Who has been named as the head of the COVID-19 vaccine administration committee?

Ans:- RS Sharma

2) How much of India's GDP has the UBS projected for FY22?

Ans:- 11.5 %

3) An expert panel was created by the IRDAI to analyse the availability of health insurance products in the country. Who is this committee's head?

Ans:- Subhash Chandra Khuntia

4) In which state did India discover the reserves of lithium?

Ans:- Karnataka

5) To stop the increasing fraud in the industry, RBI has formed a working group to review digital lending operations. Who is the committee's head?

Ans:- Jayant Kumar Dash

6) Name the PM Modi coffee table book that was released on the occasion of the 2021 PBD?

Ans:- Modi India Calling -2021

7) What country has won the world's most strong passport?

Ans:- Japan

8) Who is the author of the book titled "Making of a General - A Himalayan Echo"? 

Ans:- Konsam Himalay Singh

9) D Prakash Rao, who recently passed away, was a recipient of the honour of Padma Shri for contribution in what field?

Ans:- Social Activity

10) What state administration has agreed to waive the tax on entertainment?

Ans:- Kerala

11) As per Nomura's study for fiscal 2020-21, what is India's projected GDP rate?

Ans:-  -6.7

12) How many Atal Tinkering Laboratories have been adopted by ISRO to support space technology education?

Ans:- 100

13) In which city did US President Donald Trump declare an emergency?

Ans:- Washington DC

14) What company has partnered with NSIC for MSMEs' digital transformation?

Ans:- Airtel

15) What bank's licence was cancelled by the RBI?

Ans:- Vasantdada Nagari Sahakari Bank

16) What was the theme of the 2021 Festival of National Youth?

Ans:- YUVAAH - Utsah Naye Bharat Ka

17) On which date is the Armed Forces Veterans Day celebrated?

Ans:- 14 January

18) What state government decided to establish the Pipli as a HUB for tourism?

Ans:- Haryana

19) What state government has declared that it will provide students with 2GB of free data every day?

Ans:- Tamil Nadu

20) In which city has Tesla registered its Indian subsidiary for electric vehicles?

Ans:- Bengaluru


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