Important Weekly Current Affairs Quiz from 01st - 07th October,  2020

1)  Which organisation is going to Replace Medical Council Of India?

Ans:- National Medical Commission. 

2) After his inability to form a new government, which country's prime minister declared his resignation?

Ans:- Lebanon.

3) Which company for SMBs has joined hands with Matrix Partners India?

Ans:- Facebook.

4) Which company will initiate the Cheque Truncation System's "Positive Pay System"?

Ans:- RBI.

5) When is the International Day for Universal Access to Information observed?

Ans:- 28th September. 

6) Jaswant Singh died. Which of the following occupations did he belong to?

Ans:- Politician. 

7) Which organisation has D-SIIs designated as LIC, GIC, New India Assurance?

Ans:- IRDAI.

8) Who addressed Ministerial Roundtable Dialogue on Biodiversity Beyond 2020 virtually?

Ans:- Prakash Javadekar.

9) When was World Tourism Day commemorated?

Ans:- 27th September. 

10) Who became the new head of the India women's selection committee?

Ans:- Neetu David.

11) Who inaugurated the festival 'Destination North East-2020'?

Ans:- Amit Shah.

12) When was the International Food Loss and Waste Reduction Day of Awareness celebrated?

Ans:- 29th September.

13) Who signed up as a brand ambassador for Kerala start-up Entri?

Ans:- Robin Uthappa.

14) Syeda Anwara Taimur is deceased. She was the first and only female CM in what state?

Ans:- Assam.

15) With whom was RBI roping in for a customer awareness campaign?

Ans:- Amitabh Bachchan.

16) Which state government should provide entrepreneurs with a loan to revive the tourism industry?

Ans:- Assam.

17) Who opened the cable bridge to Durgam Cheruvu?

Ans:- K.T. Rama Rao.

18) which organisation is working with the Merchant Navy union to assist stranded Indian seafarers?

Ans:- UN.

19) Who in the men's category won the '2019-20 AIFF Player of the Year' awards?

Ans:- Gurpreet Singh Sandhu.

20) Who was honoured with the 2020-21 Lata Mangeshkar award?

Ans:- Usha Mangeshkar.

21) What is the projected GDP growth of India in 2020-21 as per NCAER?

Ans:- -12.6%

22) Who has been appointed as Mali's new Prime Minister?

Ans:- Moctar Ouane.

23)  Which state has launched a livelihood generation portal for migrant workers who have returned?

Ans:- Nagaland. 

24) CRIF India partners with whom to bring in place 'Industry Spotlight' sector-based insight reports?

Ans:- SIDBI.

25) How many task forces has the government created to make Indian MSMEs ready for the future?

Ans:- 5.

26) Dr. G S Amur passed away, he was famous for which among the following professions?

Ans:- Writer.

27) Who is being awarded with the UNDP Special Humanitarian Action Award?

Ans:- Sonu Sood.

28) Which bank will become the first bank to allow the SFMS document embedding feature?

Ans:- IDBI.

29) Who has unveiled the latest Protocol for Defence Acquisition?

Ans:- Rajnath Singh.

30) Who named FTII governing council chairman?

Ans:- Shekhar Kapur.

31) Who inaugurated nation's first museum on Ganga?

Ans:- Narendra Modi.

32) Which state CM launched stage II of Jaga mission for urban slum dwellers?

Ans:- Assam.

33) International Translation day was observed on which date?

Ans:- 30th September.

34) Which state CM to launch YSR Jala Kala scheme?

Ans:- Andhra Pradesh. 

35) Who was nominated by Bengal Peerless as a brand ambassador?

Ans:- Sourav Ganguly.

36) When was World Older Persons' Day celebrated?

Ans:- 1 October.

37) Who launched Defence India Startup Challenge-4, released PMA guidelines for iDEX?

Ans:- Rajnath Singh.

38) Differentiated services for premium clients with whom Amex joins hands to optimise scale?

Ans:- SBI Cards.

39) Who surpassed Dhoni 's record in the list of wicket keepers with the most dismissals in T20i to take the top position?

Ans:- Alyssa Healy.

40) MoU signed by the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research ( CSIR) with whom to work on carbon capture, use & storage?

Ans:- TATA Steel.

41) Who has launched operation My Saheli to boost the security of women passengers?

Ans:- The South Eastern Railways.

42) Which bank launched Green-Tech Initiative "IB-eNote"?

Ans:- Indian Bank.

43) The Union Minister has introduced various farmers' services in which state?

Ans:- Andhra Pradesh.

45) Which company launch cyber insurance cover?

Ans:- Flipkart & Bajaj Allianz. 

46) As Chief Secretary of which state was Vijai Vardhan appointed?

Ans:- Haryana.

47) Who heads the panel constituted by government of India to examine Chinese foreign investment proposals?

Ans:- Ajay Kumar Bhalla.

48) How many banks were excluded from second schedule of the RBI Act, 1934 in September 2020?

Ans:- 6.

49) Who represented India at the UN Biodiversity Summit that took place on 30 September 2020?

Ans:- Prakash Javadekar.

50) Which among the following days is being observed on October 1 every year?

Ans:- International Coffee Day.

51) As the new emir of which country did Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah swear-in?

Ans:- Kuwait.

52) Indian Aerospace Startup Agnikul Cosmos signed the MoU with which company made 'Agnibaan' Rocket in the US to test the launch of Indian?

Ans:- Alaska. 

53) Name the ministry that plans to create a new Territorial Division of Oceania through the integration of the Indo-Pacific and ASEAN divisions?

Ans:- Ministry of External Affairs.

54) Which department organised the function to lay the foundation stone for Gwalior 's Centre for Disability Sports?

Ans:- Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment.

55) ISRO to carry the first-ever French Venus mission abroad payload scheduled for which year?

Ans:- 2025.

56) Who addressed inaugural session of CII Life Science Conclave 2020?

Ans:- D. V. Sadananda Gowda.

57) Who launched portal for freight service?

Ans:- Indian Railways.

58) When was World Farmed Animals Day celebrated?

Ans:- 2nd October. 

59) Which bank has approved the appointment of a three-member interim directors' committee?

Ans:- RBI.

60) Who initiated the Tribal programme for the growth of entrepreneurship?

Ans:- Shri Arjun Munda.

61) Which state has initiated the "Pathashree Abhijan" road repair scheme?

Ans:- West Bengal. 

62) Where did defence Indian coast guard vessel Karnaklata Barua commissioned?

Ans:- Kolkata.

63) Who opened the Atal Tunnel, the longest high-altitude tunnel in the world?

Ans:- Narrndra Modi.

64) Which bank has launched the fishermen 's special Kisan Credit Card loan?

Ans:- Indian Bank.

65) Veteran social activist Pushpa Bhave, who died at 81, was also known by what name?

Ans:- Iron lady of Mumbai.

66) Which dates will be observed during World Space Week (WSW)?

Ans:- 4-10 October. 

67) NSO conducted Time Use Survey in which country?

Ans:- India.

68) Which country donated 41 ambulances and 6 school buses to Nepali health and education organisations?

Ans:- India.

69) Which organisation has called for an extension to the end of 2021 of the G20 Debt Service Suspension initiative?

Ans:- IMF.

70) How much time did R-Green kit take to diagnose COVID-19 infection?

Ans:- 2.

71) Which country has placed sanctions on Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus?

Ans:- UK.

72) Which Bank appointed Charanjit Attra as CFO?

Ans:- SBI.


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