Important Weekly Current Affairs Quiz from 15th Nov -21st Nov

1. Which Indian state/UT took emergency measures to combat air pollution by spraying water from anti-smog water tanks?

Ans : Delhi

2. Who will lead NASA's SpaceX Crew-3 astronauts to the International Space Station?

Ans : Raja Chari

3. On what day is Public Service Broadcasting Day observed?

Ans : November 12

4. On what day is World Pneumonia Day observed?

Ans : November 12

5. Who has scored the most runs in T20Is in the quickest time?

Ans : Babar Azam

6. In November, India's first world-class train station will open in which city?

Ans : Bhopal

7. India's inaugural Physical National Yogasana Championships were held in which city?

Ans : Bhubaneswar

8. What is the new name for the Mumbai-Karnataka region, which includes seven Karnataka districts?

Ans : Kittur-Karnataka

9. Which state has launched the Rakshak road safety initiative?

Ans : Odisha

10. Which state/UT is the only one in the country with metro stations in all five districts?

Ans : Uttar Pradesh

11. Which IPS officer has been named Chief of the CISF?

Ans : Sheel Vardhan Singh

12. Which state government has started a new programme called "Shramik Mitra"?

Ans : Delhi

13. Which actor has been named as Komway India's brand ambassador?

Ans : Amitabh Bachchan

14. Which of the following credit card issuers has had limitations eased by the Reserve Bank of India?

Ans : Diners Club International Limited

15. Which Indian-origin astronaut commanded the Crew 3 mission to the International Space Station for SpaceX?

Ans : Raja Chari

16. Who has been named My11Circle's Brand Ambassador?

Ans : Mohammed Siraj

17. Who gave the keynote address at the 51st Conference of Governors and Lieutenant Governors in New Delhi's Rashtrapati Bhavan?

Ans : Ram Nath Kovind

18. Who has been named India's 72nd Grandmaster?

Ans : Mitrabha Guha

19. Where does Shri Hardeep Singh Puri unveil the Maharani Lakshmi Bai statue in Maharani Lakshmi Bai College for Women?

Ans : Hisar, Haryana

20. Which state has undertaken a road safety project to prepare first responders in the event of a car accident?

Ans : Odisha

21. Who has been named as PLAETO's brand ambassador and mentor for children's sportswear?

Ans : Rahul Dravid

22. What is the name of the author of the novel "Sunrise over Ayodhya"?

Ans : Salman Khurshid

23. From India, who has been appointed to the International Law Commission (ILC) for a five-year term beginning in January 2023?

Ans : Bimal Patel

24. Who is the author of the book titled "Nehru: The Debates that Defined India"?

Ans : Tripurdaman Singh and Adeel Hussain

25. Which day is marked each year as World Diabetes Day?

Ans : November 14

26 The IRCTC's Ramayana Circuit of the Pilgrim Special Train now includes the Bhadrachalam pilgrimage location. What state is the holy temple located in?

Ans : Telangana

27. On what date is Birsa Munda's birthday commemorated?

Ans : November 15

28. What happened to Habibganj Railway Station, which was renamed Rani Kamlapati Railway Station?

Ans : Bhopal

29. What is the name of the author of the book 'FORCE IN STATECRAFT'?

Ans : Ajay Kumar and Arjun Subramaniam

30. In which Indian state has the first operationalized private sector defence manufacturing unit been inaugurated?

Ans : Uttar Pradesh

31. Who has been named the new Rajya Sabha Secretary-General?

Ans : Pramod Chandra Mody

32. "UNSHACKLING INDIA: Hard Truths and Clear Choices for Economic Revival" was written by who?

Ans : Ajay Chhibber and Salman Anees Soz

33. When will the Sattvik certificate programme begin?

Ans : November 15

34. What exactly is M87*, as reported in the news?

Ans : A supermassive black hole

35. What is the name of the Indian Navy's fourth Scorpion submarine?

Ans : Vela

36. In which state were 26 Naxals slain in the Gadchiroli district?

Ans : Maharashtra

37. On what date will the Kashi Corridor Project be launched?

Ans : December 13

38. Which Minister launched the Citizen's Tele-Law smartphone app?

Ans : Kiren Rijiju

39. Who has been named as PLAETO's brand ambassador and mentor for children's sportswear?

Ans : Rahul Dravid

40. Who has been appointed to the ILC from India for a five-year term beginning in January 2023?

Ans : Bimal Patel

41. Which institution has signed a loan deal with the Indian government to fund development initiatives in Agartala?

Ans : Asian Development Bank

42. Which Indian has the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses in New Delhi been titled after?

Ans : Manohar Parrikar

43. Which F1 driver has won the Sao Paulo Grand Prix in 2021?

Ans : Lewis Hamilton

44. With which country did India form a Parliamentary Friendship Association?

Ans : Sri Lanka

45. The 'Duare Ration' scheme was started by which state's chief minister?

Ans : West Bengal

46. Which Indian city will have a Hot Air Balloon festival from November 17 to November 19?

Ans : Varanasi

47. For the generation and storage of renewable energy, NTPC Ltd has inked an MoU with this organisation?

Ans : IOCL

48. Which institution is responsible for the regional plan of action for drought adaptation?


49. Who has been appointed as the new director of Bengaluru's National Cricket Academy (NCA)?

Ans : VVS Laxman

50. Which bank has launched the "Mooh Band Rakho" campaign to increase awareness about fraud prevention?

Ans : HDFC Bank

51. In which state did Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurate the Purvanchal Expressway?

Ans : Uttar Pradesh

52. Every year on which date is World COPD Day observed?

Ans : November 17

53. What is the RBI's contribution to the PIDF (Payments Infrastructure Development Fund)?

Ans : Rs. 250 crore

54. In which state did India's first food museum open its doors?

Ans : Tamil Nadu

55. Who will take home the JCB Prize for Literature in 2021?

Ans : M Mukundan

56. The Kaiser-i-Hind butterfly has been designated as the state butterfly of which state?

Ans : Arunachal Pradesh

57. Who will be enrolled as the first member of the NCC Alumni Association?

Ans : Narendra Modi

58. Who has been named the new Chairman of the International Cricket Council's Men's Cricket Committee?

Ans : Sourav Ganguly

59. In which city did the Ministry of Defence organise the Rashtra Raksha Samparpan Parv?

Ans : Jhansi

60. In which city did India's first dedicated fisheries business incubator open its doors?

Ans : Gurugram

61. In which city in Uttar Pradesh will the state's first anti-air pollution tower be unveiled?

Ans : Noida

62 When will the contest for Water Heroes - Share Your Stories begin?

Ans : December 01

63. On what day is World Philosophy Day observed around the world?

Ans : November 18

64. In which state did India's first Grass Conservatory, the "Germplasm Conservation Centre," open?

Ans : Uttrakhand

65. According to a survey published in the South Asia Journal, which Indian city has the most CCTV coverage?

Ans : Chennai

66. "The Disruptor: How Vishwanath Pratap Singh Shook India" is written by who?

Ans : Debashish Mukerji

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