Important Weekly Current Affairs Quiz from 15th - 21st November,  2020

1. Which insurance company collaborated with PayBima via Digital Sales to drive Life Insurance Protection?

Ans:- Tata AIA Life Insurance.

2. Chen Meng claimed the ITTF Women's World Cup title. Which country does she belong to?

Ans:- China.

3. Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa died, the long-serving PM of which country was he?

Ans:- Bahrain.

4. What was India's rank in BMI ranking?

Ans:- 196.

5. On which date is World Pneumonia Day annually observed?

Ans:- 12 November.

6. Which bank has SmartHub Merchant Solutions 3.0 launched for SMEs?

Ans:- HDFC.

7. Which date is the annual Public Service Broadcasting Day celebrated in India?

Ans:- 12 November.

8. Which state government has added fish nutrition to the diet map for anganwadi?

Ans:- Odisha.

9. Which state government has released two mobile apps?

Ans:- Telangana.

10. Who has been appointed as the Chief of Staff to the acting US Defense Secretary?

Ans:- Kash Patel.

11. Which organisation will set up a Traditional Medicine Global Centre in India?

Ans:- WHO.

12. Moody's projected India GDP for 2020 at what percent?

Ans:- -8.9%

13. On which date is World Kindness Day being observed globally?

Ans:- 13 November.

14. The Jeevan Seva app for secure and timely transport of COVID-19 patients to and from hospitals was launched by which state/UT?

Ans:- Delhi.

15. Asif Basra died, what profession did he belong to?

Ans:- Actor.

​​​​​​16. On which date is Ayurveda Day nationally observed?

Ans:-  November 13.

17. Which state CM launched 'Project Air Care'?

Ans:- Haryana.

18. Which country has received 50 metric tonnes of food aid recently from India?

Ans:- Djibouti.

19. Whose autobiography is to be titled as 'I Am No Messiah'?

Ans:- Sonu Sood.

20. Sanchaman Limboo died, the former CM of which state was he?

Ans:- Sikkim.

21. Where did India successfully test the surface of every weather rapid reaction to an air missile?

Ans:- Balasore.

22. The government of Madhya Pradesh has launched the 'Aatma Nirbhar Madhya Pradesh 2023' roadmap. What field will the special focus of the roadmap be on?

Ans:- Education And Health.

23. 'Bharat Darshan-Dakshin Bharat Yatra' will be launched on December 12 by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). What is the Yatra theme?

Ans:- Show India to Indians.

24. On November 13, on the day of Dhanwantri Jayanti, 'National Ayurveda Day' fell in 2020. What year is 'National Ayuveda Day' observed?

Ans:- 2016.

25. The Draft Banking Regulation 2020 was approved by the Authority of the International Financial Services Centers. The meeting will take place in what territory of the Union?

Ans:- Delhi.

26. On November 14, World Diabetes Day is celebrated. What was World Diabetes Day's theme?

Ans:- The Nurse and Diabetes.

27. Which state government has launched the 'Air Care Project' to fight rising air pollution?

Ans:- Haryana.

28. Who has been appointed as a BJP Party in-charge of political crucial in Uttar Pradesh?

Ans:- Radha Mohan Singh.

29. In which state is India's first Sandalwood Museum being set up?

Ans:- Karnataka.

30. An incentivisation structure has been introduced by the Sports Ministry to extend monetary support to 500 private academies, under which scheme?

Ans:- Khelo India.

31. Who attended the 8th BRICS Ministerial Meeting for Science, Technology and Innovation?

Ans:- Dr. Harsh Vardhan.

32. Recently, Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd. (RRVL) has acquired how much of the Urban Ladder Home Decor Solutions Private Ltd. equity shears?

Ans:- 96%.

33. Who represented India at the 15th East Asia Summit?

Ans:- Dr. S. Jaishankar.

34. Which country's prime minister presided over the 15th Summit of East Asia?

Ans:- Vietnam.

35. In which state did Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveil the "Statue of Peace"?

Ans:- Rajasthan.

36. Which organisation has tested the Rapid Reaction missile successfully?

Ans:- DRDO.

37. Who received the 2020 Children's World Peace Prize?

Ans:- Sadat Rahman.

38. By overtaking what player, Aryna Sabalenka entered the top 10 of the WTA rankings?

Ans:- Serena Williams.

39. What is the theme of world Kindness day?

 Ans:- The World We Make - Inspire Kindness.

40 Which site will be chosen as a wetland site under the Ramsar protection treaty?

Ans:- Lonar Lake.

41. On World Pneumonia Day, the Department of Health & Family Welfare launched the SAANS campaign in which state?

Ans:- Odisha.

42. Which state government has initiated the 2020 Kalaignar Karunanidhi Breakfast Scheme?

Ans:- Puducherry.

43. Which scheme was launched by India in the eighth BRICS to help women science and technology researchers?

Ans:- SERB Power.

44. November 16 is being celebrated in India annually as which day?

Ans:- National Press Day.

45. Which of the following sites are added to the Ramsar sites list?

Ans:- Keetham Lake & Lonar Lake.

46. Which district bagged the 2019 award for water conservation efforts from the Union Jal Shakti ministry?

Ans:- Kadapa.

47. On which date is the International Day for Tolerance celebrated?

Ans:- 16 November.

48. For what reason has the Structural Engineering Research Centre built the Emergency Retrieval System?

Ans:- Quick Retrieval of power Transmission.

49. Which film won prize for Best of India Short Film Festival 2020?

Ans:- Natkhat.

50. Who has been named as Panasonic's chief executive officer (CEO)?

Ans:- Yuki Kusumi.

51. Which is the First ever vaccine listed under WHO emergency use list?

Ans:- nOPV2.

52. The term of Director of the Compliance Directorate (ED) has been extended by the Union Government by one year. Who is ED's director?

Ans:- Sanjay Kumar Mishra.

53. Which of these delivered the first Gaganyaan Launch Vehicle hardware to ISRO?

Ans:- L&T.

54. Which of the institutes below hosted the Consumer Culture Lab's virtual launch?

 Ans:- IIM Udaipur.

55. International Students' Day is observed on which date?

Ans:- 17th November.

56. On the sidelines of the 37th ASEAN summit, how many Asia Pacific countries have signed the world's largest free trade agreement led by China?

Ans:- 15.

57. Which bank introduced the National Popular Mobility Debit Card recently?

Ans:- Karnataka Bank Ltd.

58. The Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation authorise drones to be used for agricultural activities by which institute?

Ans:- International Crops Research Institute, Hyderabad.

59. November 17 is celebrated as which day?

Ans:- National Epilepsy Day.

60. Who was honoured with the 2020 Prof. AN Bhaduri Memorial Lecture Award?

Ans:- Dr. Sushanta Kar.

61) Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of 'Equitas Small Finance Bank limited'?

Ans:- Smriti Mandhana.

62) Who has been appointed as the Brand Ambassador of Financepee?

Ans:- Rohit Sharma.

63) Who has been appointed as the MD and CEO of HDFC Mutual Funds?

Ans:- Navneet Munot.

64) Who is the author of book How To Be A Writer Is?

Ans:- Ruskin Bond.

65) According to worlds best cities report 2020, national capital Delhi is at which place?

Ans:- 62.

66) National Naturopathy Day is observed on which date?

Ans:- 18 November.

67) Who is the new speaker of Bihar Assembly?

Ans:- Nand Kishore Yadav.

68) Which non-banking company launched American Express (Amex) card?

Ans:- MobiKwik.

69) Which state government launched the Oil Palm Project?

Ans:- Manipur.

70) Who is the author of book 'Reporting India: My Seventy-Year Journey as a Journalist'?

Ans:- Prem Prakash.


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