Important Weekly Current Affairs Quiz from 1st oct -7th oct

1) Which city saw the launch of the SAARAS project for menstruation health by the Israeli embassy?

Ans:- Ghaziabad

2) Which day is World Pharmacist Day observed?

Ans:- September 25

3) Which bank received RBI approval for trading in rupees first among Indian banks?

Ans:- UCO Bank

4) When does the Indian Army celebrate Haifa Day?

Ans:- September 23

5) Which Indian cricketer just announced her retirement?


Jhulan Goswami

6) Which state has the nation's first avalanche surveillance radar installed?

Ans:- Sikkim

7) Who was chosen to lead AIIMS-Delhi?

Ans:- M Srinivas

8) IFEH declared to observe World Environmental Health Day on which date?

Ans:- September 26

9) CBI initiated Operation 'Megh Chakra' against which crime?

Ans:- Child Sexual Abuse

10) Who will inaugurate the Eastern and North-Eastern Zones Dairy Cooperative Conclave at Gangtok in Sikkim on 7 October 2022?

Ans:- Amit Shah

11) The Laver Cup belongs to which game?

Ans:- Tennis

12) K Raja Prasad Reddy was elected president of which entity?

Ans:- Indian Newspaper Society

13) How much of the Taj Mahal must be cleared of any commercial activity, according a Supreme Court order?

Ans:- 500 metre

14) On October 1st, which state administration will introduce the Chief Minister's Health Insurance Scheme (CMHIS), a private health insurance programme?

Ans:- Nagaland

15) Which month has the existing Foreign Trade Policy been extended to?

Ans:-  March 2023

16) Which party did the recently deceased Aryadan Muhammad, a former minister from Kerala, belong to?

Ans:- Congress

17) 13th FICCI Global Skills Summit 2022 organised in which city?

Ans:- New Delhi

18) In which city does President Draupadi Murmu officially open the "Integrated Cryogenic Engine Manufacturing Facility"?

Ans:- Bengaluru

19) By which nation was the AVGAS 100 LL special aviation fuel first introduced?

Ans:- India

20) Which community celebrates Rosh Hashanah?

Ans:- Jewish

21) Which bank made the announcement of a $14 billion aid package to combat food insecurity in Asia and the Pacific?

Ans:- ADB

22) Which city has a railroad bridge over the Brahmaputra River sanctioned at Rs. 996.75 crores, close to the already-existing Saraighat bridge?

Ans:- Guwahati

23) In which nation was the Khosta-2 coronavirus variant discovered in bats?

Ans:- Russia

24) Which nation hosted the Ministerial Roundtable for Green Economy, World Green Economy Summit? the Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change?

Ans:- UAE

25) How many months has the centre extended the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Ann Yojana (PMGKAY)?

Ans:- 3

26) Which state assembly received the comprehensive development of the Kannada language bill?

Ans:- Karnataka

27) What day is designated as World Rabies Day?

Ans::- September 28

28) In which city has Tata Steel officially opened the Kadma Biodiversity Park?

Ans:- Jamshedpur

29) Which sport does Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge play?

Ans:- Athlete

30) Which state was the first to publish a tribal encyclopaedia?

Ans:- Odisha

31) Which one successfully fired two Very Short Range Air Defense System (VSHORADS) missile test launches?

Ans:- DRDO

32) Which date is observed as Heart Day?

Ans:- September 29

33) The next Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) has been chosen.

Ans:- Anil Chauhan

34) In which state did the first tiger reserve in Bundelkhand receive approval?

Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

35) Samantha Cristoforetti, who represents which nation, was the first European woman to command the International Space Station.

Ans:- Italy

36) Which state saw the commissioning of the largest 600 MW wind-solar facility, Adani Green?

Ans:- Rajasthan

37) What percentage of GDP did India's current account deficit reach in Q1FY23?

Ans:- 2.8%

38) How many airbags in passenger vehicles will be required starting on October 1st, 2023?

Ans:- 6

39) From September 30, which nation will prevent Russian citizens with Schengen tourist visas from 3entering?

Ans:- Finland

40) Which day is designated as World Maritime Day?

Ans:- September 29

41) Who has been chosen to serve as the Data Security Council of India's new CEO?

Ans:- Vinayak Godse

42) Which tranche of electoral bonds has been approved by the Indian government?

Ans:- 22nd

43) What percentage did the government raise the interest rate on small savings plans by?

Ans:- 0.2%

44) Who is the lone Indian included in Time's list of 100 emerging leaders?

Ans:- Akash Ambani

45) Which state made the decision to honour the late attorney Nath Pai by renaming the Chipi Greenfield Airport in Sindhudurg?

Ans:- Maharashtra

46) When will the award-winning novel "Lata: Sur-Gatha" be available in English?

Ans:- January 2023

47) Who was recognised at the UN SDG Action Awards as a "Changemaker"?

Ans:- Srishti Bakshi

48) Which state's Bandhavgarh Forest Reserve has archaeological remains being uncovered by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)?

Ans:- Madhya Pradesh

49) In which city did Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduce 5G services during the India Mobile Congress 2022?

Ans:- New Delhi

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