Important Weekly Current Affairs Quiz from 26April -2nd May, 2021

1) In the Henley Passport Index 2021, where did India rank?

Ans:- 84th

2) Name the former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, who was known as the "Father of Indian Banking Reforms" and died recently.

Ans:- Maidavolu Narasimham

3) On which day in India is 'Civil Services Day' observed?

Ans:- 21 April

4) Which homegrown payments player has been named by the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) to facilitate its digital payments?

Ans:- Paytm

5) In 2021, which country will host the United Nations Food Systems Summit Dialogue?

Ans:- India

6) According to a UN survey, how much money has been lost in India as a result of Cyclone Amphan 2020?

Ans:- $14 Billion

7) India's GDP forecast for the financial year 2021-22 has been updated by Care Ratings. What is the most recent estimate?

Ans:- 10.2%

8) On which day of the year is International Mother Earth Day observed?

Ans:- 22 April

9) What is the name of the Indian mountaineer who became the country's first female to summit Mt Annapurna, the world's tenth highest peak?

Ans:- Priyanka Mohite

10) Which of the following parties is the first to reveal the name of the individual that donated to it through electoral bonds?

Ans:- The Jharkhand Mukti Morcha

11) In which state has the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) founded the 'Water Sports and Adventure Institute (WSAI)'?

Ans:- Uttrakhand

12) What sports brand has Washington Sundar and Devdutt Padikkal become brand ambassadors for?

Ans:- Puma

13) 1st Unit of ALH MK-3 Aircraft INAS 323 has commissioned in which state?

Ans:- Goa

14) By 2022, which state will be known as Har Ghar Jal?

Ans:- Punjab

15) What was Farid Sabri's occupation before he passed away?

Ans:- Qawwali singer

16) When is International Girls in Technology Day celebrated?

Ans:- Fourth Thursday of April

17) What medication has had its import duty waived by the federal government?

Ans:- Remdesivir

18) Which state has made Swasthya Suraksha Saptah a reality?

Ans:- Jharkhand

19) Who is the United States' first Indian-American Associate Attorney General?

Ans:- Vanita Gupta

20) Arjun Kalyan has been named India's 68th Chess Grandmaster. What city is he from?

Ans:- Chennai

21) Which state is responsible for the YSR Zero Interest Crop Loan Scheme?

Ans:- Andhra Pradesh

22) What is the name of the author of the e-book "Climate Change Explained - for Everyone"?

Ans:- Aakash Ranison

23) Who is the Indian bureaucrat who was recently named as the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCWexternal )'s auditor?

Ans:- GC Murmu

24) What date is observed annually as World Day for Animals in Laboratories (WDAIL)?

Ans:- 24 April

25) Which day in India is designated as National Panchayati Raj Day?

Ans:- 24 April

26) Which payment bank was the first to allow a day end balance account cap of Rs.2 lakh?

Ans:- Airtel

27) For FY21, the RBI has permitted banks to pay dividends on equity shares up to what percentage of the prescribed dividend payout ratio?

Ans:- 50%

28) Which percent has India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) revised its GDP growth forecast for FY22?

Ans:- 10.1%

29) Which bank's appointment of Atanu Chakraborty as part-time Chairman has been authorised by the RBI?

Ans:- HDFC Bank

30) What will the "Leaders' Summit on Climate 2021" be about?

Ans:- Our Collective Sprint to 2030

31) Who has been sworn in as the current Chairman of NASSCOM for the years 2021-22?

Ans:- Rekha M. Menon

32) On which day is the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace celebrated around the world?

Ans:- 24 April

33) Under the Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme, which state has released the first installment of Rs.672 crores?

Ans:- Andhra Pradesh

34) On what date is World Veterinary Day observed?

Ans:- Fourth Saturday of April

35) Shravan Rathod, a well-known Bollywood actor, has died. What area did he have experience in?

Ans:-  Music Composer

36) What was Amit Mistry's occupation before he passed away?

Ans:- Actor

37) In 2021, what will be the theme of World Malaria Day?

Ans:- Reaching the zero malaria target

38) World Malaria Day (WMD) is observed on which day of the year?

Ans:- 25 April

39) Who is the first batsman in the IPL to cross 6000 runs?

Ans:- Virat Kohli

40) How many medals did India win at the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships in 2021?

Ans:- 11

41) Who was the former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, known as the "Father of Indian Banking Reforms"?

Ans:- M Narasimham

42) For the 1st time, which Rover has generated oxygen on Mars?

Ans:- Perseverance

43) What city is home to MP's largest COVID Care Centre?

Ans:- Indore

44) World Immunization Week 2021 has a theme. What is it?

Ans:- Vaccines bring us closer

45) Vibha Harish was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list from which city?

Ans:- Bengaluru

46) Which institutes does Singapore's SICCI collaborate with to support tech startups?

Ans:- IIT Kanpur

47) In which state has the election commission banned roadshows and vehicle rallies?

Ans:- West Bengal

48) In the 93rd Academy Awards' In Memorium chapter, which Indian personalities were honoured?

Ans:- Irrfan Khan and Bhanu Athaiya

49) What is the name of the author of the book The Living Mountain?

Ans:- Amitav Ghosh

50) Who has been appointed the new Director General of the NDA?

Ans:- Siddharth Singh Longjam

51) Which institute has signed an MoU with the MoHUA to establish an Accelerator Center?

Ans:- IIT Kharagpur

52) Which bank has teamed up with Mastercard to launch ConQR, the world's first QR on card programme?

Ans:- Bank of Baroda

53) Which state is responsible for the COVID Emergency Loan Program?

Ans:- Haryana

54) When will people over the age of 18 be able to register for the COVID-19 vaccine?

Ans:- 28 April 2021

55) Amit Shah inaugurated an oxygen manufacturing plant in which city's Kolavada village?

Ans:- Gandhinagar

56) Which Indian state will provide free COVID-19 vaccination to all of its citizens?

Ans:- Maharashtra

57) How much money does Google provide to organisations that aid people in India battle the Covid-19 pandemic?

Asn:- Rs. 135 crores

58)  In FY 2021-22, which state government plans to have ten lakh tap water connections?

Ans:- Gujarat

59) Which state/UT has published a first-of-its-kind draught cycling policy that promotes cycling as a viable mode of short-distance transportation?

Ans:- Chandigarh

60) Which company's former MD was Indian executive Jagdish Khattar, who recently died?

Ans:- Maruti Suzuki

61) In which day is World Intellectual Property Day observed?

Ans:- 26 April

62) Which High Court has named Justice Rajesh Bindal as Acting Chief Justice?

Ans:- Calcutta

63) Rajan Mishra was a well-known

Ans:- Indian Classical Singer

64) What will be the theme of World Intellectual Property Day in 2021?

Ans:- Intellectual property and small businesses: Taking big ideas to market

65) What was China's first Mars rover's name?

Ans:- Zhurong

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