Important Weekly Current Affairs Quiz from 1st-7th January,  2021

1) In which state was India's first Lithium Refinery established?

Ans:- Gujarat

2) What business in the public sector won the 2020 Best Company Supporting Sports Awards?

Ans:- Air Force Sports Control Board

3) Who was elected as the Chairman of the Selection Committee by the BCCI?

Ans:- Chetan Sharma

4) In which HC was eSewa Kendra inaugurated by CJI Sharad Arvind Bobde?

Ans:- Tripura

5) What company has joined forces with Covaxx to combat Covid-19, India and UNICEF for the coronavirus vaccine?

Ans:- Aurobindo Pharma

6) Under which mission did India send flood assistance to Vietnam?

Ans:- Mission Sagar-III

7) What is the theme of the 2020 International Festival of Science in India?

Ans:- Science for Self Reliant India and Global Welfare

8) Which mobile application was launched by Thaawarchand Gehlot, the Union Minister?

Ans:- Swachhata Abhiyan

9) Which company has joined forces with the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship to provide students at industrial training institutions with digital learning content?

Ans:- Microsoft and NASSCOM

10) The government has agreed to extend until what date the suspension of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC)?

Ans:- March 31, 2021

11) Who is the author of the 'In Search of Justice: An Autobiography' book?

Ans:- Rajindar Sachar

12) Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, has flagged off the 100th Kisan Rail (farmers' train) between which state will play?

Ans:- Maharashtra and West Bengal

13) Who received the ICC Male Cricketer of Decade Award with the Sir Garfield Sobers Award?

Ans:- Virat Kohli

14) In which city did Arya Rajendran become India's youngest Mayor?

Ans:- Thiruvananthapuram

15) What bank overtook the BFSI Firm Repot?

Ans:- HDFC Bank

16) Which Department has introduced a 'Jhatpat Processing' initiative?

Ans:- Income Tax Department

8) What government has coordinated the 'Wear the Mask' campaign?

Ans:- Telangana

17) On which date is the Day of Holy Innocents observed?

Ans:- 28th December

18) Who is Odisha's current Chief Secretary?

Ans:- Suresh Chandra Mahapatra

19) Where did India rank in the list of countries with the most AI publications from 2015-2019?

Ans:- 3rd

20) Which application & web portal has been launched for the management of all Gol Estate Services by MoHUA, Hardeep Singh Puri?

Ans:- e-Sampada

21) To extend coverage to all residents of which state, Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY SEHAT has been launched?

Ans:- Jammu and Kashmir

22) In the 15th CII-ITC Sustainability Award 2020, which company won the Excellence Award in CSR Domain?

Ans:- NTPC

23) The Freedom of Religion Bill 2020 was approved by which state cabinet?

Ans:- Madhya Pradesh

24) What state has become the country's 6th state to successfully introduce the "Ease of Doing Business" reform?

Ans:- Rajasthan

25) Which State government has initiated the 'Nine Jewels - Housing for All the Poor' scheme?

Ans:- Andhra Pradesh

26) In which state has India's first pollinator park been inaugurated?

Ans:- Uttarakhand

27) On which date is the 1st International Day of Disease Preparedness celebrated?

Ans:- 27 December 2020

28) India's first Autonomous Navigation Systems Test Bed has been set up in which institute?

Ans:- IIT Hyderabad

29) In which state was a new species of Wild Sun Rose discovered, Portulaca laljii?

Ans:- Andhra Pradesh

30) Which Bank has introduced the Digital Lending Platform to make it possible to digitally access loans?

Ans:- Bank of Baroda

31) Who has won the scientist of the Year Award 2018?

Ans:- Hemant Kumar Pandey

32) Which state government borrowed Rs 2,731 cr more after market reform was easier to do?

Ans:- Rajasthan

33) In which tiger reserve has India's 1st hot air balloon safari been launched?

Ans:- Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

34) In which state has the new section of Bhaupur-Khurja been inaugurated?

Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

35) Who received this decade's ICC Spirit of Cricket Award?

Ans:- M S Dhoni

36) Who is the author of the 'Sutranivednachi sutra- ek anbav' book?

Ans:- Dr Roopa Chari

37) In the 12th edition of the 2021 World Economic League Table, where was India ranked?

Ans:- 6th

38) In Which year did India become the world's fifth-largest economy?

Ans:-  2025

39) Which Organisation permits the transfer of assets by banking units by participation agreements?


40) Who has his name etched on the MCG Board of Honours?

Ans:- Ajinkya Rahane

41) What state government took punitive action against owners of cast sticker vehicles?

Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

42) Which Bank has enforced its Positive Pay Scheme to secure payment by cheque?

Ans:- SBI Bank

9) Who is the author of the book 'Quantitative Genetics Elements: A Conceptual Approach'?

Ans:- Dr. Stuti Sharma

43) How much was India responsible in 2019 for total FDI inflows to the South and South-West Asian subregion?

Ans:- 77

44) Which mobile application for downloading the Unique Medical Identification Card was launched by the Indian Railway?

Ans:- HMIS

45) Who went on to win the 2020 Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay NIF Book Prize?

Ans:- Amit Ahuja & Jairam Ramesh both.

46) Which Missile System has the Cabinet approved the export of?

Ans:- Akash

47) How many states have obtained a vaccine for the Dry Run Coronavirus?

Ans:- Four

18) What is the social justice 2020 theme for MTMA?

Ans:- Celebrating Compassion in Times of Covid

49) Which state won the 2020 Digital India Awards in the pandemic category?

Ans:- Bihar

50) Who has the Quantum Random Number Generator developed?

Ans:- DRDO

51) On 1 January 2021, which organisation celebrated its 63rd Foundation Day?

Ans:- The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

52) Who took over the role of President of the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)?

Ans:- Soma Mondal

53) Which department won the award for gold symbol, excellence in the ministry of digital governance?

Ans:- Department of Posts

54) Which one has signed a contract to supply 10 Lynx U2 Fire Control systems with the MoD?

Ans:- BEL

55) Who received the 2020 IET Eminent Engineer Award?

Ans:- Vinod Kumar Yadav

56) Raghavendra Singh Chauhan was appointed as the High Court Chief Justice of which state?

Ans:- Uttrakhand

57) The Ministry of Tourism has initiated the 'Adopt a Heritage' scheme in conjunction with which Union Ministry?

Ans:- Ministry of Culture

58) Which State-owned Apta Completion Portal received the pandemic Silver Icon Award for Innovation? 

Ans:- Bihar

59) Who was honoured with the 2020 Raja Mansingh Tomar award?

Ans:- Abhinav Kala Parishad

60) 21-year-old Reshma Mariam Roy, whose state has become the youngest president of the Panchayat?

Ans:- Kerala

61) Who has recently become Asia's richest person?

Ans:- Shanshan

62) Who successfully carried out the maiden trial of the first SAHAYAK-NG indigenous Air Droppable container?

Ans:- DRDO along with the Indian Navy.

63) Which State is on the verge of bringing about a thorough health sector transformation?

Ans:- Karnataka

64) The state deployed two helicopters in the Dzukou Valley to combat wildfires?

Ans:- Manipur

65) The remission of duties and taxes on the System for Exported Goods will take place on what date?

Ans:- 1 January 2021

66) What butterfly trackers help raise the mystery surrounding rare butterflies in the mountains?

Ans:- Nilgiris

67) In December 2020, which state reported an 8 percent growth in GST revenue?

Ans:- Kerala

68) In the midst of the Slew of New Steps, which state government has declared a green rebate for eco-friendly homes?

Ans:- Kerala

69) In the MOD, the government formed a new DMA. Who is the head of the DMA?

Ans:- Bipin Rawat

70) What state has Kisan Fasal Rahat Yojna launched?

Ans:- Jharkhand

71) What Union Territory has won the award for 'Best Performing Union Territory for PMAY Implementation in India?

Ans:- Puducherry

72) Who has published the 2019-2020 Study on the Trend and Growth of Banking in India?

Ans:- Reserve Bank of India

73) What number of states did the resolution against farm law cross in Kerala?

Ans:- 5th

74) What Indian missile has earned cabinet clearance for export?

Ans:- Akash

75) For which countries has India introduced Flash Flood Guidance services?

Ans:- Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

76) As of December 2020, which bank has released Electoral Bonds?

Ans:- The State Bank of India

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