SSCE GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Booster 20-20 (22.02.2020)

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Q.1 'Give me blood, I will give you freedom'. These words are attributed to

(A) Subhash Chandra Bose

(B) Khudiram Bose

(C) Bhagat Singh

(D) Veer Savarkar

Ans:- (A)

Q.2 The most popular festival of Tamil Nadu is

(A) Gudlipadwa

(B) Onam

(C) Bihu

(D) Pongal

Ans:- (D)

Q.3 Krishnadevaraya bult the Krishnaswami Temple  in Hampi, Which is situated in the present state of

(A) Karnataka

(B) Calcutta

(C) Jammu and Kashmir

(D) Kerala

Ans:- (A)

Q.4 Excess amount of absorb water by plants is liberated out by

(A) Evaporation

(B) Osmosis

(C) Diffusion

(D) Transpiration

Ans:- (D)

Q.5 Amount of water vapour(gaseous) in a given volume of air (cubic metre) is known as

(A) Mixing ratio

(B) Relative humidity

(C) Absolute humidity

(D) Specific humidity

Ans:- (C)

Q.6 Who advocated the adoption of 'PURA' model to eradicate rural poverty?

(A) M.S. Swaminathan

(B) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

(C) Dr. A.P.J. Abul Kalam

(D) A.M. Khusro

Ans:- (C)

Q.7 Non-alignment basically implies 

(A) Choosing its own policy

(B Neutrality towards power blocks

(C) Briging peace and unity to the world

(D) Being a third world power

Ans:- (B)

Q.8 What is sponge?

(A) A fossil

(B) A plant

(C) An animal

(D) A fungus

Ans:- (C)

Q.9 Gurushikhar is a/the

(A) Shipping yard of Andhra Pradesh

(B) Great guru of Sikhs

(C) Famous hunting spot of Himalayas

(D) Highest peak of the Aravallis

Ans:- (D)

Q.10 According to the Preamble the ultimate power lies in the hands of

(A) Parliament

(B) Constitution

(C) President

(D) People

Ans:- (D)

Q.11 Nurjahan's real name was:

(A) Mehr-un-Nisaa

(B) Mumtaz Mahal

(C) Ladli Begum

(D) Jahanara

Ans:- (A)

Q.12 Alcohol prepared by distilation of wood is 

(A) Propyl Alcohol

(B) Methyl Alcohol

(C) Ethyl Alcohol

(D) Glycerol

Ans:- (B)

Q.13 Who among the following was the  last Delhi Sultan?

(A) Sikandar Lodi

(B) Daulat Khan Lodi

(C) Rana Sangha

(D) Ibrahim Lodi

Ans:- (D)

Q.14 Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India?

(A) Chief Justice of India

(B) President

(C) Parliament

(D) Prime Minister

Ans:- (B)

Q.15 Capital Market Regulator is 





Ans:- (C)

Q.16 The policy of racial discrimination followed in South Africa is called

(A) Non Aligned

(B) Civil-Rights Movement

(C) Apartheid

(D) Suffrage

Ans:- (C)

Q.17 Which of the following counties is not an memeber of Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG)?

(A) France

(B) Russia


(D) Iran

Ans:- (D)

Q.18 Types of Vertebrate animal which creep and crawl are called

(A) Mammalian

(B) Amphibians

(C) Mollusks

(D) Reptilians

Ans:- (D)

Q.19 Monetary policy in India is formulated by

(A) Finance Ministry




Ans:- (B)

Q.20 Who founded the Republican Party of India? 

(A) Namboo Dripad

(B) Mulji Vishya

(C) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

(D) Srpad Dange

Ans:- (C)


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