Daily Current Affairs 11th May 2024

Q1. Frank Shrontz served as CEO of which corporation for ten years?
Ans. Boeing
Q2. Who will serve as the GST Appellate Tribunal’s chairman?
Ans. Sanjaya Kumar Mishra
Q3. Which nation, along with India, is integrating its payment systems to improve trade?
Ans. Ghana
Q4. Which nation held the AFC U-23 Asian Cup, where Japan won and qualified for the Olympics?
Ans. Qatar
Q5. Who has been named UNICEF India’s National Ambassador?
Ans. Kareena Kapoor Khan
Q6. Which nation, in the midst of an economic crisis, did the EU announce receiving a $1 billion aid package?
Ans. Lebanon
Q7. Which business plans to introduce the first CNG-powered bike worldwide?
Ans. Bajaj Auto
Q8. When is the celebration of World Portuguese Language Day?
Ans. May 5
Q9. Which nation declared intentions to release a new Rs. 100 banknote depicting disputed areas that India claims?
Ans. Nepal
Q10. Which nation won the 2024 BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals in both the men’s and women’s divisions?
Ans. China
Q11. Which US state is referred to as the “Yellowhammer State”?
Ans. Alabama
Q12. Which company was given permission by the RBI to open a subsidiary in GIFT City?
Ans. REC
Q13. After HDFC Bank, which bank most recently reached the list of the top 5 firms by market value?
Ans. ICICI Bank
Q14. When did India pass the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act?
Ans. 2007
Q15. Which business created India’s first domestically produced bomber unmanned aerial aircraft (UAV), the FWD-200B?
Ans. Flying Wedge Defence

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