Daily Current Affairs 12th May 2024

Q1. What day is World Asthma Day celebrated in 2024?
Ans. May 7
Q2. Which nation debuted Victoria Shi, an AI-generated spokesperson for their foreign ministry?
Ans. Ukraine
Q3. With which nation does India hope to complete the agreement on a local currency settlement system in order to increase bilateral trade?
Ans. Nigeria
Q4. Which football team won the 2023–24 La Liga season championship?
Ans. Real Madrid
Q5. What is the updated GDP growth estimate for FY25 by India Ratings and Research?
Ans. 7.1%
Q6. Which nation will host the ninth edition of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in 2024?
Ans. Bangladesh
Q7. What is the highest risk associated with custodian banks establishing irreversible payment commitments (IPCs) in accordance with the RBI’s updated guidelines?
Ans. 30%
Q8. Which nation’s population growth rate during the last ten years has been the lowest it has been in eight decades, at 0.92% annually?
Ans. Nepal
Q9. Who is scheduled to fly on Starliner’s first crewed voyage on her third space mission?
Ans. Sunita Williams
Q10. Which business just obtained the first-ever revenue-based finance (RBF) start-up license in India from an NBFC?
Ans. GetVantage
Q11. Which business introduced the first MCU chip for sale in India?
Ans. Mindgrove
Q12. For what has ‘Kutch Ajrakh’ gained recognition and most recently been awarded a Geographical Indication (GI) tag?
Ans. Traditional Textile Craft

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