Daily Current Affairs 15th December 2023

1. Which nation was given a credit line worth USD 250 million by India to modernize its agriculture?

Ans. Kenya.

2. What system assigns each person detained for a crime a distinct 10-digit National Fingerprint Number (NFN), connecting various offenses to the same identity?


3. The Sarakka Central Tribal University was given approval by the Union Cabinet to be established with a Rs 889 crore budget. Which state in India will see the establishment of this university?

Ans. Telangana.

4. The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation (Amendment) Bill increased the number of legislative assembly seats from the original 107 in Jammu and Kashmir to how many?

Ans. 7.

5. Where was the 91st Interpol General Assembly, which focused on denying criminals safe havens, held?

Ans. Vienna, Austria.

6. When did the UN General Assembly officially establish World Soil Day as a platform for raising global awareness?

Ans. December 5.

7. What is COP28’s main objective?

Ans. Implementation of the Paris Agreement

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