Daily Current Affairs 17th April 2024

Q.1. Who has been named the first female high commissioner to India for the United Kingdom?
ANS. Lindy Cameron
Q.2. The International Day of Human Space Flight is observed on what date?
ANS. April 12
Q.3. Which nation is PhonePe working with to advertise UPI at a New Year’s celebration?
ANS. Nepal
Q.4. Which organization unveiled a disease tracking nanosensor?
ANS. IIT Jodhpur
Q.5. For the term 2025–2030, who has been re-elected to the International Narcotics Control Board?
ANS. Jagjit Pavadia
Q.6. Where were the 2024 Asian Wrestling Championships held?
ANS. Kyrgyzstan
Q.7. In which state did the first Swami Vivekananda U20 Men’s National Football Championship take place in India?
ANS. Chhattisgarh
Q.8. With piezoelectric implants, which city’s Command Hospital has taken the lead?
ANS. Pune
Q.9. According to ISRO Chief S Somanath, when is India hoping to set foot on the moon with an astronaut?
ANS. 2040
Q.10. When is the annual World Parkinson’s Day observed?
ANS. April 11
Q.11. Who was chosen to lead Pakistan’s Senate?
ANS. Yousuf Raza Gillani
Q.12. Which nation used the C-Dome defense system in the vicinity of Eilat to thwart an aerial threat?
ANS. Israel
Q.13. Which carmaker made history by being the first international business to export electric cars (EVs) from India?
ANS. Citroen
Q.14. Where was the Anti-Tank Guided Missile training exercise held by the Indian Army?
ANS. Sikkim
Q.15. What is the reported success rate for tuberculosis therapy up until December 2023?
ANS. 86.9%

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