Daily Current Affairs 18th December 2023

1. Who has been recognized for a ground-breaking contribution to the treatment of leprosy by receiving the 2023 REACH Game Changing Innovator award?

Ans. Dr. Atul Shah

2. When is India’s National Energy Conservation Day, observed to honour accomplishments in energy efficiency?

Ans. December 14

3. At the Ajanta-Ellora Film Festival, who is scheduled to receive the Padmapani Lifetime Achievement Award?

Ans. Javed Akhtar

4. Tropical Cyclone Jasper made landfall where?

Ans. Australia

5. Which sports company has added a microchip to the official Euro 2024 ball to help referees call handball plays during the competition?

Ans. Adidas

6. India participated in which international campaign to address climate change challenges during COP28?

Ans. Race to Resilience

7. What day was the terrorist attack against the Indian Parliament?

Ans. December 13, 2001

8. Who was given the ‘Oscars of Diplomacy’—the Diwali ‘Power of One’ Award—for 2023?

Ans. Ban Ki-moon

9. Which nations launched the MisrSat-2 satellite together?

Ans. China and Egypt

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