Daily Current Affairs 18th January 2024

Q1. Which nation proclaimed a state of emergency as a result of rioting brought on by a wage dispute?

Ans. Papua New Guinea

Q2. Who recently became the first bowler to take 150 wickets in T20 Internationals, making history?

Ans. Tim Southee

Q3. What position does India hold in the Henley Passport Index for 2024?

Ans. 80th

Q4. Which organization created the ‘Work4Food’ idea for food delivery workers?

Ans. IIT Delhi

Q5. Which city is the Research Institute of Homoeopathy being inaugurated by Sarbananda Sonowal?

Ans. Guwahati

Q6. Which business just launched an H-IIA rocket carrying Japan’s Information-Gathering Satellite “Optical-8,” marking an important milestone in both space research and national security?

Ans. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Q7. Which organization has teamed up with Hyundai Motor India Ltd. to create a “Hydrogen Innovation Valley” in Tamil Nadu?

Ans. IIT Madras

Q8. Which weapon, when successfully tested by DRDO, demonstrated the capacity to intercept fast-moving unmanned aerial objects at extremely low altitudes?


Q9. Which Indian state recently launched the ‘Yuva Nidhi’ program to help graduates and holders of diplomas find work?

Ans. Karnataka

Q10. Who is the first female recipient of the sugar industry’s Best Environment Officer Award?

Ans. Deepa Bhandare

Q11. Which nation recently demonstrated diplomacy by signing a historic security deal with Ukraine, highlighting its critical role in ensuring Ukraine’s safety and forging a solid alliance?

Ans. United Kingdom

Q12. What substance is used in a novel way developed by researchers at Stanford University to make a highly absorbent substitute for cotton, wood pulp, and chemical absorbents in sanitary napkins?

Ans. Sisal leaves

Q13. Where was the combined Coast Guard drill between Japan and India called “Sahyog Kaijin” held?

Ans. Chennai

Q14. Which bank is the one that introduced the Green Rupee Term Deposit (SGRTD) to raise money for green projects in India?

Ans. State Bank of India

Q15. Which nation has partnered with well-known UPI apps to enable real-time remittances, enabling Indians to receive money straight into their bank accounts via the UPI-PayNow connection?

Ans. Singapore

Q16. For ₹5,100 crore, Tata Consumer Products recently bought a 100% share in which business?

Ans. Capital Foods

Q17. Where did the recently held International Camel Festival, which featured traditional songs, dances, and adorned camels, take place as a celebration of folk culture?

Ans. Bikaner, Rajasthan

Q18. Which city installed the longest solar light line, setting a new global record?

Ans. Ayodhya

Q19. Which area of accomplishment did Savita Kanswal excel in and earn her the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award posthumously?

Ans. Mountaineer

Q20. Which Indian state just got its Geographical Indication (GI) title and is well-known for its ‘Kai Chutney’, a dish made with red weaver ants?

Ans. Odisha

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