Daily Current Affairs 18th May 2024

Q1. Who will take over as chairman of Tata Electronics?
Ans. N Chandrasekaran
Q2. What was the main literary reputation of Surjit Patar?
Ans. Poet and writer
Q3. Who was chosen to serve as the IFFCO Chairman?
Ans. Dileep Sanghani
Q4. Where was the fifth meeting of India and Bhutan’s Joint Group of Customs (JGC) held?
Ans. Ladakh
Q5. What is mentioned as a key cause of internal displacement for millions of individuals in the World Migration Report 2024?
Ans. Climate change
Q6. Which date is designated as International Nurses Day?
Ans. May 12
Q7. Which insurance division is the Hinduja Group’s IIHL purchasing?
Ans. Reliance Capital
Q8. Which organ is the main target of Kawasaki disease?
Ans. Heart
Q9. Which nation does India work with in the Arabian Sea to conduct research on sharks and rays?
Ans. Oman
Q10. Which drone is the Indian Army introducing to improve its surveillance capabilities?
Ans. Drishti-10
Q11. The International Day of Plant Health is observed on what day?
Ans. May 12
Q12. Which nation is mountain climber Kami Rita Sherpa a member of?
Ans. Nepal

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