Daily Current Affairs 1st February 2024

Q.1. Which nation has witnessed a recent strengthening of India’s economic ties with the approval of the Joint Economic and Trade Committee (JETCO) protocol?
ANS. Dominica Republic
Q.2. Which state hosted the national workshop on panchayat devolution that Vivek Bharadwaj inaugurated?
ANS. Goa
Q.3. Which international body launched “Steadfast Defender 2024,” the biggest military drill?
Q.4. Where was Dr. Himanshu Pathak’s three-day Kisan Mela, which promoted the growth of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs)?
ANS. Gujarat
Q.5. Which nation’s parliament was in favor of Sweden’s NATO application?
ANS. Turkey
Q.6. When is the celebration of National Geographic Day?
ANS. January 27
Q.7. Which nation’s parliament just passed the “Online Safety Bill,” which has drawn criticism from the opposition for allegedly limiting free speech?
ANS. Sri Lanka
Q.8. Which business established a 5G Innovation Lab in partnership with Reliance Jio?
ANS. OnePlus India
Q.9. The construction of two coal gasification facilities in association with BHEL, GAIL, and Coal India Limited (CIL) has been approved by the Cabinet. Which states are these plants going to be located in?
ANS. West Bengal and Odisha
Q.10. Which institute’s student took home the Vishwakarma Awards 2023’s “Best Product Design” trophy?
ANS. IIT Guwahati

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