Daily Current Affairs 21st April 2024

Q.1. As a renowned cricketer, Derek Underwood represented which nation?
ANS. England
Q.2. Which Nyishi tribe in India observes the Longte festival without offering animal sacrifices?
ANS. Arunachal Pradesh
Q.3. What was the percentage growth in LIC’s ownership of Hindustan Unilever?
ANS. 5%
Q.4. Name of the cricket player from Nepal who hit six sixes in one over in the ACC Men’s T20I Premier Cup match against Qatar?
ANS. Dipendra Singh
Q.5. What was the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) inflation rate for India in March 2024?
ANS. 0.53%
Q.6. For the fiscal year 2023–2024, what was the merchandise trade deficit of India?
ANS. $240.2 billion
Q.7. Which banking institution has joined with India Mortgage Guarantee Corporation (IMGC) to provide house loans backed by mortgage guarantees?
ANS. Bank of India
Q.8. Which state is home to the world’s first glass skywalk bridge?
ANS. Uttar Pradesh
Q.9. In the discus throw, how far did Mykolas Alekna throw to break the world record for men?
ANS. 74.35 meters
Q.10. Where is the volcano that recently produced rings of volcanic vortex, Mount Etna?
ANS. Italy

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