Daily Current Affairs 21st May 2024

Q.1. The World Hydrogen Summit 2024 took place where?
ANS. Netherlands
Q.2. When is the celebration of Sikkim Statehood Day held?
ANS. May 16
Q.3. Which date is designated as the annual International Day of Living Together in Peace?
ANS. May 16
Q.4. The Sahitya Akademi Fellowship was given to whom?
ANS. Ruskin Bond
Q.5. The Chief Artificial Intelligence (AI) Officer of NASA has been named.
ANS. David Salvagnini
Q.6. Which Indian football player recently declared his intention to stop playing for his country?
ANS. Sunil Chhetri
Q.7. Which company unveiled GPT-4o, its most recent large language model (LLM)?
Q.8. What was tested lately in Agra by the Indian Air Force as part of “Project BHISHM”?
ANS. Portable Hospital
Q.9. Which nation did PhonePe introduce UPI payments to?
ANS. Sri Lanka
Q.10. In what year did India pass the Transplantation of Human Organs & Tissues Act (THOTA)?
ANS. 1994
Q.11. Which group was responsible for starting the International Day of Light?
Q.12. By May 16, 2027, what public shareholding % target does LIC need to meet in order to comply with Sebi’s extension?
ANS. 10%

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