Daily Current Affairs 22nd April 2024

Q1. Who has been named BharatPe’s new chief executive officer?
Ans. Nalin Negi
Q2. Which branch of the military did Dalip Singh Majithia, who died at the age of 103, belong to?
Ans. Indian Air Force
Q3. What is Fitch Ratings’ confirmed rating for Canara Bank and State Bank of India (SBI)?
Ans. BBB-
Q4. When is the annual World Hemophilia Day observed?
Ans. April 17
Q5. Which stadium is the first in India to have a cutting-edge “hybrid pitch” installed by the BCCI?
Ans. Dharamshala
Q6. What is the IMF’s updated estimate of India’s GDP growth for 2024–2025?
Ans. 6.8%
Q7. Which company is scheduled to launch Proba-3, the Solar Study Mission of ESA?
Q8. The Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act was passed in which year?
Ans. 2005
Q9. Because of worries about cyber fraud, which bank was prohibited by the RBI from accepting new users on its mobile app?
Ans. Bank of Baroda
Q10. What is the main objective of the Indian government’s CDP-SURAKSHA initiative?
Ans. Horticulture

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