Daily Current Affairs 22th March 2024

Q.1. According to the SIPRI Report, which nation was the world’s largest importer of weapons between 2019 and 23?
ANS. India
Q.2. Which state in India has passed the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Act first?
ANS. Uttarakhand
Q.3. The “India-Bangladesh Tourism Fair” was held where?
ANS. Dhaka
Q.4. Which nation discovered a newly discovered species of scorpion with eight eyes and legs?
ANS. Thailand
Q.5. Which Indian state was the Stratigraphic Column of the Supergroup discovered by the Geological Survey of India?
ANS. Andhra Pradesh
Q.6. Which company has signed an agreement of Rs 8073 crore with the Ministry of Defence to purchase 34 ALH Dhruv helicopters?
Q.7. When is the annual World Plumbing Day observed?
ANS. March 11
Q.8. As the 14th President of Pakistan, who was sworn in?
ANS. Asif Ali Zardari
Q.9. Which state has outlawed the use of hazardous coloring chemicals in Gobi Manchurian and cotton candy?
ANS. Karnataka
Q.10. Where is the inaugural Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela being held?
ANS. Simdega
Q.11. Where is the venue for the National Para Badminton Championship?
ANS. Jamshedpur
Q.12. Under the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) program, which drug is India scheduled to start manufacturing again in 2024?
ANS. Penicillin G
Q.13. The International Day of Action for Rivers falls on what day?
ANS. March 14
Q.14. Which state government in India has declared that female employees will receive an extra 10 days of unpaid leave?
ANS. Odisha
Q.15. Which startup from Tokyo recently lost its attempt to become the first private company in Japan to launch a satellite into orbit?
ANS. Space One

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