Daily Current Affairs 23rd February 2024

Q.1. Which organization is the partner of AIIMS New Delhi in the establishment of the ‘AIIMS Liverpool Collaborative Centre for Translational Research in Head and Neck Cancer – ALHNS’?
ANS. University of Liverpool
Q.2. World Human Spirit Day is observed on what day?
ANS. February 17
Q.3. Which Indian Institute of Technology launched the “SWASTHA” project, which uses nanoelectronics to provide advanced healthcare?
ANS. IIT Guwahati
Q.4. Which business has been awarded the contract to build the first ultra-supercritical power plant in Haryana?
Q.5. Which nation is now dealing with the Pineapple Express Storm meteorological phenomenon?
ANS. United States
Q.6. Which port in the nation received the first experimental cargo ships from the Indian Maia Inland Port?
ANS. Bangladesh
Q.7. Which catchphrase is linked to the Farmers’ Protest March, which calls for a number of reforms, such as a legal guarantee of MSP for all crops and a complete debt forgiveness for farmers?
ANS. Delhi Chalo
Q.8. The 14th Global Immigration Summit was held where?
ANS. New Delhi
Q.9. Where will the first air taxi service in the world be introduced as per the agreements agreed at the 2024 World Government Summit?
ANS. Dubai
Q.10. What was Usha Kiran Khan’s main occupation before her untimely death at the age of 78?
ANS. Writer
Q.11. Which e-learning platform did the government of Andhra Pradesh collaborate with to offer courses for higher education?
ANS. edX
Q.12. Which CEO, Arvind Krishna, just became a member of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) Board of Directors?
Q.13. The Unified Shared Service Center (USSC) of which company took home the top honors at the 9th Global Procurement Summit in 2024?
Q.14. Which Indian state has passed legislation outlawing so-called “magical healing” methods?
ANS. Assam
Q.15. Where will the Nagi Bird Festival take place over the course of three days?
ANS. Jamui
Q.16. What is the duration of the Indian Productivity Week, which starts on National Productivity Day?
ANS. February 12 to 18
Q.17. Which state will gain from JSW Group launching the first large-scale integrated EV project?
ANS. Odisha
Q.18. Which Indian state is scheduled to introduce the first Helicopter Emergency Service (HEMS) in the nation?
ANS. Uttarakhand
Q.19. Which company worked with AIIMS to introduce the Smart Payment Card, which allows for cashless transactions?
ANS. State Bank of India
Q.20. What is the innovative cancer treatment that was just given Indian approval?
ANS. CAR-T cell therapy

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