Daily Current Affairs 25th March 2024

Q.1. As the Telangana governor in charge, who has been granted the extra duty?
ANS. CP Radhakrishnan
Q.2. When is the annual World Sparrow Day observed?
ANS. March 20
Q.3. Who is the first Black leader of a European nation to be chosen as the new leader of the Welsh Labour Party?
ANS. Vaughan Gething
Q.4. For 2023, who has been given the 33rd Saraswati Samman?
ANS. Prabha Varma
Q.5. Which city, as reported in the World Air Quality Report 2023, was the most polluted worldwide?
ANS. Begusarai
Q.6. Which area recently enacted strict laws giving the government more authority to crush opposition and imposing life penalties on those found guilty of treason or insurrection?
ANS. Hong Kong
Q.7. Which space startup is getting ready to send off the nation’s second rocket, built by private industry?
ANS. Agnikul Cosmos
Q.8. For the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, which bank has partnered with the Indian Olympic Association?
Q.9. Which state plans to implement the Trinetra 2.0 app to revolutionize law enforcement?
ANS. Uttar Pradesh
Q.10. Which Indian state is home to Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bugun tribe?
ANS. Arunachal Pradesh
Q.11. Which nation has been deemed the happiest for the past seven years, according to the World Happiness Report?
ANS. Finland
Q.12. Which nation just had its first-ever “2+2” ministerial meeting between India and the defense and foreign ministries in 2024?
ANS. Brazil
Q.13. What’s the name of the software that VSSC created to help Gaganyaan astronauts with mission management, health monitoring, and technical support?
Q.14. What is the reported foreign direct investment (FDI) amount that India received in February 2024?
ANS. $3.47 Billion
Q.15. Which nation held the “Warns of AI Risks To Democracy” summit?
ANS. South Korea

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