Daily Current Affairs 26th April 2024

Q1. When did India hold its first round of polling for the 102 seats in the Lok Sabha for 2024?
Ans. April 19
Q2. In Dhaka, Bangladesh, who has been named the Indian Railway Adviser?
Ans. Narpat Singh
Q3. Which nation will be the recipient of India’s first batch of BrahMos missiles?
Ans. Philippines
Q4. In terms of airport traffic worldwide, where does Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport stand as of 2023?
Ans. 10th
Q5. Where is Mahindra’s ₹1,200 Cr Hybrid Energy Project located in India?
Ans. Maharashtra
Q6. Which university and BEL inked a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on semiconductor, quantum, and drone research and development projects?
Ans. Indian Institute of Technology Mandi
Q7. Which business hopes to work with ONDC to expand into the grocery and fashion industries?
Ans. Ola
Q8. Which business has recently warned users in India and 91 other countries about a mercenary malware attack with urgent security alerts?
Ans. Apple
Q9. Which nation intends to test the 130-kilometer-range Astra Mark-2 air-to-air missile?
Ans. India
Q10. After nearly forty years, where did the Department of Posts open a second post office branch?
Ans. Antarctica
Q11. In 2024, at the Asian Wrestling Championships, who took home the silver medal?
Ans. Radhika
Q12. Which nation was added by the UK to the list of nations deemed “too dangerous to travel”?
Ans. Pakistan
Q13. Which business introduced the first domestically produced electric dump truck in India?
Ans. Sany India
Q14. Which nation hosted the “Tagore On The Padma Boat” program?
Ans. Bangladesh
Q15. What kind of bond is issued expressly to finance projects that improve the climate and the environment?
Ans. Green Bond
Q16. Which volcano has been exhibiting volcanic vortex rings, a rare phenomena that resembles smoke rings, lately?
Ans. Mount Etna

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