Daily Current Affairs 28th April 2024

Q.1. Who was granted the 2021 KISS Humanitarian Award?
ANS. Ratan Tata
Q.2. What ranking did India achieve in terms of military spending worldwide in 2023?
ANS. Fourth
Q.3. When is the annual World Book and Copyright Day observed?
ANS. April 23
Q.4. Which nation may the UK government send asylum seekers to have their claims evaluated for asylum, in accordance with the enacted bill?
ANS. Rwanda
Q.5. In 2024, who took home the World Press Photo of the Year title?
ANS. Mohammed Salem
Q.6. Where were the fossilized bones of a massive snake that lived about 47 million years ago found by palaeontologists?
ANS. Gujarat
Q.7. Which business has Rashtriya Raksha University inked a memorandum of understanding to promote innovation in security, defense, and aerospace?
ANS. Starburst
Q.8. Which dairy product has said that it will sponsor the cricket teams from Scotland and Ireland in the 2024 T20 World Cup?
ANS. Nandini
Q.9. The Ocean Decade Conference took place where?
ANS. Barcelona
Q.10. Where was the recent 34th Seng Khihlang Festival held?
ANS. Meghalaya
Q.11. Which nation, hoping to improve relations with India, broadcast the first-ever Hindi radio program?
ANS. Kuwait
Q.12. What’s the name of the AI program from Microsoft that turns still photos into animated movies with realistic-looking faces?

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