Daily Current Affairs 28th March 2024

Q.1. Who has been named the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB)’s new chairman?
ANS. Govind Dholakia
Q.2. Which day is designated as World Young Rheumatoid Disease Day (WORD Day)?
ANS. March 18
Q.3. Who won the men’s singles trophy in the 2024 WTT Feeder Series event in Beirut to become the first-ever Indian to do so?
ANS. Sathiyan Gnanasekaran
Q.4. Who shared in the first Global Inequality Research Awards (GiRA) for 2024?
ANS. Bina Agarwal and James K. Boyce
Q.5. Every year, on what date is World Meteorological Day observed?
ANS. March 23
Q.6. Which Indian state has strengthened its waste management profile by launching a Low-Carbon Action Plan (LCAP)?
ANS. Bihar
Q.7. In which nation’s hospital was the ground-breaking kidney transplant from pig to human done?
ANS. United States
Q.8. Which business worked with Tech Mahindra to launch Singapore’s Synergy Lounge for digital adoption?
Q.9. At the age of 37, who is set to become the youngest prime minister in Ireland?
ANS. Simon Harris
Q.10. When is the International Day Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations: Right to the Truth observed?
ANS. March 24
Q.11. Which navy will be the recipient of the AUKUS partnership’s nuclear-powered submarines?
ANS. Royal Australian Navy
Q.12. Which organization agreed to cooperate with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) by signing a Working Arrangement?
ANS. Europol
Q.13. What is Sharath Kamal’s strongest sport?
ANS. Table Tennis
Q.14. When is the annual World Tuberculosis Day observed?
ANS. March 24
Q.15. What is the name of the space telescope that found Shiva and Shakti, two ancient streams of stars?
ANS. Gaia

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