Daily Current Affairs 31st January 2024

Q1. Who will be Republic Day 2024’s chief guest?

Ans. Emmanuel Macron

Q2. Which category does Nisha Pahuja’s “To Kill a Tiger” film have an Oscar nomination for in 2024?

Ans. Best Documentary

Q3. Where was the All India Police Commando Competition’s fourteenth edition held?

Ans. Visakhapatnam

Q4. Which oil and gas corporation in India was given permission by the government to form a subsidiary dedicated to green energy projects?

Ans. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

Q5. Which foreign armed forces took part in the Republic Day Parade in 2024?

Ans. French

Q6. Which nation has launched a massive hiring campaign to transfer some 10,000 workers from the states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, primarily for construction projects, in cooperation with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)?

Ans. Israel

Q7. Which force were Shishupal Singh and Sanwala Ram Vishnoi, recipients of the President’s Medal for Gallantry, a part of?

Ans. BSF

Q8. In what many of states and Union Territories did the Republic Day Parade Tableaux 2024 take place?

Ans. 17

Q9. Which nation’s corporation has partnered with ACME, an Indian Renewable Energy company, in the green ammonia supply project, making it one of the largest partnerships in the world?

Ans. Japan

Q10. Which company, working with Lockheed Martin, recently debuted the X-59 supersonic jet, which can reach speeds of up to 925 mph and is intended to create sonic booms that are quieter and redefine supersonic travel?


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