Daily Current Affairs 4th April 2024

Q1. Who has been chosen to serve as the Automotive Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (ATMA)’s next chairman?
Ans. Arnab Banerjee
Q2. Who will lead New India Assurance as its next chief medical director?
Ans. Girija Subramanian
Q3. Who was appointed to the ICC Elite Panel of Umpires, becoming the first umpire from Bangladesh?
Ans. Sharfuddoula
Q4. Which nation’s aerospace and defense corporation established AeroSpace Services India (ASI) as a subsidiary in India?
Ans. Israel
Q5. Who is going to be in charge of Microsoft’s Surface and Windows teams?
Ans. Pavan Davuluri
Q6. The recipient of the Times Power Icon 2024 Award is who?
Ans. Vijay Jain
Q7. Which organization licensed a novel bone-healing technology to Conlis Global under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)?
Ans. IIT Kanpur
Q8. The International Day of Zero Waste is observed on what date?
Ans. March 30
Q9. Which organization collaborated with Starburst to strengthen the startup environment for aerospace, new space, and defense (ASD) in India?
Ans. IIM Mumbai
Q10. What is the Government e-Marketplace’s (GeM) Gross Merchandise Value (GMV)?
Ans. ₹4 Lakh Crore
Q11. What was the name of the METOC seminar that the Indian Naval Meteorological Analysis Centre (INMAC) and the School of Naval Oceanology & Meteorology (SNOM) jointly organized?
Ans. Meghayan-24
Q12. What is the aim of SIA-India and ABRASAT’s Memorandum of Understanding?
Ans. Boost Space Sector Advancements

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