Daily Current Affairs 05th January 2024

1. Which bank category does the RBI assign to SBI, ICICI Bank, and HDFC Bank?
Ans. Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs)

2. Which Indian state launched programs totaling Rs 415 crore with the goal of becoming a drug-free state by 2025?
Ans. Uttarakhand

3. Which city had the 8th Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) Conclave of Chiefs closing ceremony?
Ans. Bangkok

4. Which Indian state is the subject of the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests’ draft notification designating the Pong Dam Wildlife Sanctuary’s surrounding area as an environmentally sensitive area?
Ans. Himachal Pradesh

5. Which company received a work order of Rs 678 crore for the UP Dial 112 project from the Uttar Pradesh government?
Ans. BEL (Bharat Electronics Limited)

6. Which Indian state is the target of the $100 million ADB and central government project designed to improve urban services and boost tourism?
Ans. Tripura

7. Which Indian state has allowed NEEPCO to work on five hydroelectric projects in the Siang Basin, resulting in RITES and NEEPCO partnering on logistical infrastructure?
Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

8. Which Indian state has embraced drone technology for uses including surveying land, reducing crime, and improving agriculture?
Ans. Haryana

9. Which business recently become the sole owner of Meenakshi Energy after the transaction was approved by the National Company Law Tribunal?
Ans. Vedanta

10. Which Indian state has set the groundwork for the North Eastern Institute of Ayurveda and Folk Medicine Research (NEIAFMR) to enhance its capacity?
Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

11. Which nation did India pay for its imports of crude oil in rupees, indicating a drive to encourage the usage of its currency around the world?
Ans. UAE

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