Daily Current Affairs 4th May 2024

Q1. Who has been named the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs’ new director?
Ans. Sunil Kumar Yadav
Q2. Which business was the first in India to develop ATMs that could be upgraded to become Cash Recycling Machines (CRMs)?
Ans. Hitachi Payment Services
Q3. Which nation recently enacted stringent anti-LGBT laws that punish same-sex relationships with up to 15 years in jail?
Ans. Iraq
Q4. Every year, on what date is International Dance Day observed?
Ans. April 29
Q5. Which company has asked the Ministry of Defense for USD 100 million in order to create the DURGA II (Directly Unrestricted Ray-Gun Array)?
Q6. Which nation showcased a brand-new kamikaze drone that looked like it was made by Russia?
Ans. Iran
Q7. Which Indian organization joined the ‘Million Miyawaki’ project in partnership with a non-profit?
Ans. Embassy of Israel
Q8. Who is the author of “The Winner’s Mindset”?
Ans. Shane Watson
Q9. Which nation was it that palaeontologists announced the discovery of the Chakisaurus nekul dinosaur?
Ans. Argentina
Q10. Which organization has been designated by the government as a “Navratna”?

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