Daily Current Affairs 5th June 2024

Q.1. Which Indian business conglomerate, along with Reliance Industries Limited, is listed in TIME’s Most Influential Companies under the “Titans” category?
ANS. Tata Group
Q.2. Which organization carried out the most recent investigation that clarified the mechanisms behind sympatric speciation?
ANS. IIT-Bombay
Q.3. Which university’s researchers used monosodium glutamate (MSG) to achieve a major advance in the mass synthesis of recombinant proteins?
ANS. IISc Bengaluru
Q.4. Where have they found evidence of ongoing volcanic activity, according to NASA’s Magellan mission?
ANS. Venus
Q.5. Who has been named the Muthoot Pappachan Group’s new brand ambassador?
ANS. Shah Rukh Khan
Q.6. When is the annual World No Tobacco Day observed?
ANS. May 31
Q.7. Which nation is going to take the Taliban off its list of prohibited terrorist groups?
ANS. Russia
Q.8. Which organization is TCS working with to produce the first Quantum Diamond Microchip Imager in India?
ANS. IIT-Bombay
Q.9. Which business has successfully launched the first space rocket in history using a single, three-dimensional (3D) printed engine?
ANS. Agnikul Cosmos
Q.10. Which nation launched the ‘One Person, One File’ (OPOF) initiative with the goal of gathering comprehensive personal data files on each citizen?
ANS. China
Q.11. Which nation recently revealed plans to provide Ukraine with a historic military aid package that includes ASC 890 surveillance aircraft?
ANS. Sweden
Q.12. Which nation hosted the National Archives of India’s first international project?
ANS. Oman
Q.13. Where is the ‘Red Flag 24’ exercise being conducted?
ANS. Alaska

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