Daily Current Affairs 5th March 2024

Q1. Which business has agreed to unite into a joint venture with The Walt Disney Company and Viacom18 Media?
Ans. Reliance Industries
Q2. Where did Dhinidhi Desinghu record her “Best India Time” in the 100-meter freestyle for girls?
Ans. Philippines
Q3. Which Indian state has enacted legislation to reduce immigration illegally?
Ans. Haryana
Q4. Who takes over as NTPC Ltd.’s Director of Operations?
Ans. Ravindra Kumar
Q5. Which nation has issued a health emergency declaration for 2024 in response to the rising dengue fever cases?
Ans. Peru
Q6. Since November 2020, what percentage has India’s weighting in the MSCI Global Standard (Emerging Markets) index increased?
Ans. 18.2%
Q7. Which nation’s fertility rate fell to a record-low 0.72 in 2023?
Ans. South Korea
Q8. Who has been named PayU Payments Private Ltd.’s independent director and chairperson?
Ans. Renu Sud Karnad
Q9. Which fintech company as a payment aggregator gets the RBI’s final approval?
Ans. Amazon Pay
Q10. Which state did Amit Shah inaugurate the Swaminarayan Institute of Medical Science and Research?
Ans. Gujarat
Q11. What is the number of states included in the “World’s Largest Grain Storage Plan in Cooperative Sector” pilot project?
Ans. 11 States
Q12. Which business has declared a strategic alliance for digital banking with Jana Small Finance Bank Limited?
Ans. Dvara Money
Q13. Which language was “Le Divan de Staline” by Jean-Daniel Baltassat translated into, receiving the Romain Rolland Book Prize 2024? It was done by Pankaj Kumar Chatterjee.

Ans. Bengali
Q14. What’s the name of the new model that Google DeepMind unveiled to create interactive video games using cues that are either text or image-based?
Ans. Genie AI

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