Daily Current Affairs 6th December 2023

1. How many more years will the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PMGKAY) scheme be in effect after the Indian government recently extended it?

Ans. 5.

2. Which country in South Asia just recorded the first same-sex marriage case?

Ans. Nepal.

3. What was the second quarter (Q2FY24) growth rate of the Indian economy in the fiscal year 2023–24?

Ans. 7.6%.

4. Which French award was given to Arshia Sattar recently in recognition of her contributions to Indian mythology and literature?

Ans. Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters.

5. How much capital is estimated to be injected into Indian equity markets as a result of the index switch involving the US Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board?

Ans. $4 billion.

6. In the second quarter of FY24, what was the record-high percentage of women participating in the labor force?

Ans. 24%.

7. Which year did World AIDS Day start being celebrated on December 1st every year?

Ans. 1988.

8. Which date is the global Day of Remembrance for All Victims of Chemical Warfare observed annually?

Ans. November 30.

9. What, in relation to climate change, does COP28 stand for?

Ans. Conference of the Parties 28.

10. Which historical site, surpassing Pompeii in Italy, was named the eighth wonder of the world recently?

Ans. Angkor Wat.

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