Daily Current Affairs 8th March 2024

Q.1. Where is Oil India holding its inaugural partner roadshow for the world?
ANS. Abu Dhabi
Q.2. Which nation is getting rid of the legislation that forbids selling tobacco products to children?
ANS. New Zealand
Q.3. Which state recently enacted legislation to stop the use of unfair tactics in open exams held for recruitment purposes?
ANS. Assam
Q.4. What is the name of the recently found maritime species of ruby red-spotted head-shield sea slug?
ANS. Melanochlamys Droupadi
Q.5. Which city saw Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann open Punjab’s first Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences?
ANS. Mohali
Q.6. Where is the government proposing to establish the State Water Informatics Centre (SWIC)?
ANS. Odisha
Q.7. In what number of train stations nationwide has the ‘Eat Right Station’ certification been obtained?
ANS. 150 railway stations
Q.8. From February 26 to March 1, 2024, the Reserve Bank of India observed which event?
ANS. Financial Literacy Week
Q.9. To what organization did the “Investor Information and Analytics Platform” for startups get its start?
ANS. IIT Madras
Q.10. Where was the Ministry of Earth Sciences’ (MoES) first “Blue Talks” meeting on the ocean held?
ANS. New Delhi
Q.11. Who is the partner of the Tata Group in the establishment of India’s first semiconductor factory?
ANS. Powerchip
Q.12. Which city has the World Athletics Council announced as the 2027 World Athletics Championships host?
ANS. Beijing
Q.13. With what Mumbai-based institute has the “Rs 100 Tablet” cancer therapy claim to fame?
ANS. Tata Institute
Q.14. Which clause in the Indian Constitution makes controlling coal mining in Nagaland extremely difficult?
ANS. Article 371A
Q.15. Which nation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Pharmacopoeia recognition with India to become the first in the Spanish-speaking world to recognize the Indian Pharmacopeia?
ANS. Nicaragua

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