Daily Current Affairs 9th December 2023

1. Which energy firm has Infosys entered into a strategic alliance with to encourage data centers to use immersion cooling services?

Ans. Shell.

2. Where was Asia’s top sports, fitness, and wellness exhibition, FITEXPO INDIA 2023, held?

Ans. Kolkata.

3. Which Indian state hosted the opening of the Hump WWII Museum in memory of the Allied airmen who lost their lives in World War II?

Ans. Arunachal Pradesh.

4. Who, in his capacity as World Bank President, unveiled the Private Sector Investment Lab (PSIL)-led strategic plan to increase climate financing through securitization?

Ans. Ajay Banga.

5. Who just made history by becoming the third Indian woman to become a Grandmaster in the game of chess?

Ans. Vaishali Rameshbabu.

6. At which UN Climate Change Conference did India decline to sign the Climate and Health Declaration?

Ans. COP28.

7. Which nation has allowed India to start importing crude oil again after the US sanctions were lifted?

Ans. Venezuela.

8. What percentage of India’s GDP emission intensity was successfully reduced between 2005 and 2019, meeting the target eleven years ahead of schedule?

Ans. 33%.

9. Who was named the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education’s (ICFRE) first female director general (DG)?

Ans. Kanchan Devi.

10. Which date is set aside each year to commemorate the valor, commitment, and accomplishments of the Indian Naval forces as Indian Navy Day?

Ans. December 4.

11. Which nation’s Constitutional Court upheld President Andry Rajoelina’s reelection?

Ans. Madagascar.

12. Which company is putting the “Gajraj system,” an AI-powered elephant protection solution, into practice?

Ans. Indian Railways.

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