GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 20-20 (02.06.2024)

             Knowledge ka Daily Dose…

Q.1 Ms. Medha Patkar is associated with the

(A) Tehri project

(B) Enron project

(C) Sardar Sarovar project

(D) Dabhol project

Ans: (C)

Q.2 Where is the headquarters of Google located?

(A) United States

(B) France

(C) Germany

(D) England

Ans:- (A)

Q.3 Kathakali, Mohiniatam and Ottamthullal are the famous dances of

(A) Kerala

(B) Karnataka

(C) Orissa

(D) Tamil Nadu

Ans: (A)

Q.4 The battle tanks that have been modernized to keep pace with the latest technology development is

(A) Arjun

(B) T-55 and T-72

(C) Vijayanta

(D) All of the above

Ans: (C)

Q.5 The refrigerant commonly used for domestic refrigerators is

(A) alcohol

(B) ammonia

(C) neon

(D) None of the above

Ans: (B)

Q.6 When did France became Republic?

(A) 1789 AD

(B) 1798 AD

(C) 1792 AD

(D) 1729 AD

Ans: (C)

Q.7 In which season do we need more fat?

(A) Spring

(B) Winter

(C) Summer

(D) Rainy season

Ans: (B)

Q.8 Excessive secretion from the pituitary gland in the children results in

(A) increased height

(B) weakening of bones

(C) retarded growth

(D) None of the above

Ans: (A)

Q.9 The term of office of a Judge of the International Court of Justice is

(A) five years

(B) six years

(C) nine years

(D) ten years

Ans: (C)

Q.10 The term which denotes that each side has made equal point at game point, in Tennis, is referred to as

(A) baseline

(B) deuce

(C) fault

(D) grand slam

Ans: (B)

Q.11 When and where was weightlifting introduced in Olympics?

(A) 1986 at Athens

(B) 1988 at Seoul

(C) 1924 at St. Louis

(D) 1908 at London

Ans: (A)

Q.12 India’s first atomic power station was set up at

(A) Surat (Gujarat)

(B) Tarapur (Maharashtra)

(C) Solapur (Maharashtra)

(D) Trombay (Maharashtra)

Ans: (B)

Q.13 Golden Temple, Amritsar is India’s

(A) largest Gurdwara

(B) oldest Gurudwara

(C) Both option A and B are correct

(D) None of the above

Ans: (A)

Q.14 The National Sports Festival for women was, for the first time, organized in

(A) 1970

(B) 1975

(C) 1980

(D) 1985

Ans: (B)

Q.15 The velocity of light was first measured by

(A) Einstein

(B) Newton

(C) Romer

(D) Galileo

Ans: (C)

Q.16 UNO Day is on

(A) 20th July

(B) 24th October

(C) 14th November

(D) 12th February

Ans: (B)

Q.17 The ‘pulse’ of the aquatic environment can be ascertained by measuring

(A) nitrogen

(B) oxygen

(C) alkalinity

(D) conductivity

Ans: (B)

Q.18 Ornithology is the

(A) study of smells

(B) study of birds

(C) study of bones

(D) None of the above

Ans: (B)

Q.19 Weight of an object put in a satellite orbiting in space around the earth is

(A) the same as on the earth

(B) slightly more than that on the earth

(C) less than that on the earth

(D) reduced to zero

Ans: (D)

Q.20  India’s first satellite is named after

(A) Aryabhatta

(B) Bhaskara II

(C) Bhaskara I

(D) Barahmihir

Ans: (A)

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