GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 20-20 (09.02.2024)

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 20-20 (09.02.2024)

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Q.1 In which state Aravalli range located?

(A) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Himachal Pradesh

(C) Rajasthan

(D) Orissa

Ans:- (C)

Q.2 ‘Dandia’ is a popular dance of:

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Tamil Nadu

(C) Gujarat

(D) Punjab

Ans:- (C)

Q.3 Which one of the following cities will never get the vertical rays of the sun?

(A) Mumbai

(B) Srinagar

(C) Thiruvananthapuram

(D) Kolkata

Ans:- (B)

Q.4 The Rath Yatra at Puri is celebrated in honour of which Hindu deity:

(A) Vishnu

(B) Shiva

(C) Jagannath

(D) Ram

Ans:- (C)

Q.5 River _______ is called ‘The Sorrow of the Bengal’:-

(A) Damodar

(B) Hooghly

(C) Sone

(D) Kosi

Ans:- (A)

Q.6 The main center of Wahabi Movement during the freedom movement was:

(A) Delhi

(B) Lucknow

(C) Patna

(D) Mysore

Ans:- (C)

Q.7 Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is located at:

(A) Pune

(B) Ahmedabad

(C) Sriharikota

(D) Thiruvananthapuram

Ans:- (D)

Q.8 Golf player Vijay Singh belongs to which country?


(B) UK

(C) India

(D) Fiji

Ans:- (D)

Q.9 Which one of the following cities of Iraq is located on Tigris river?

(A) Basra

(B) Kirkuk

(C) Baghdad

(D) None of these

Ans:- (C)

Q.10 Under Akbar, the Mir Bakshi was required to look after:

(A) military affairs

(B) the state treasury

(C) the royal household

(D) the land revenue system

Ans:- (A)

Q.11 What is the SI unit of force:

(A) Joule

(B) Newton

(C) Watt

(D) Cubic centimeter

Ans:- (B)

Q.12 The world famous Ajanta caves are situated in:

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Kerala

(C) Andhra Pradesh

(D) Orissa

Ans:- (A)

Q.13 Which city is called ‘White City’ of Rajasthan?

(A) Jodhpur

(B) Bihar

(C) Udaipur

(D) Jaipur

Ans:- (C)

Q.14 Among the biotic components of the ecosystem, the producer system is?

(A) Animals

(B) River

(C) Green plant

(D) Sea

Ans:- (C)

Q.15  The world famous ‘Khajuraho’ sculptures are located in:

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Gujarat

(C) Orissa

(D) Madhya Pradesh

Ans:- (D)

Q.16 In which year was Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) founded?

(A) 1997

(B) 1949

(C) 1972

(D) 1999

Ans:- (D)

Q.17 Headquarters of the World Health Organisation is located at:

(A) Rome

(B) Washington DC

(C) New York

(D) Geneva

Ans:- (D)

Q.18  Which one of the following disease is not transmitted by tiger mosquitoes?

(A)  Dengue

(B) Yellow fever

(C) Japanese Encephalitis

(D) Chikungunya

Ans:- (C)

Q.19 The largest country of the world by geographical area is:

(A) Vatican City


(C) Australia

(D) Russia

Ans:- (D)

Q.20 Who has been awarded the first lifetime Achievement Award for his/her contribution in the field of Cinema?

(A) Ashok Kumar

(B) Bernardo Burtolucci

(C) Hou Hsio-hsein

(D) Akiro Burosova

Ans:- (A)

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