GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 20-20 (09.12.2023)

                                  Knowledge ka daily dose…

Q.1 What is the range of missile ‘Akash’?

A. 4 km

B. 30 km

C. 500 m to 9 km

D. 150 km

Ans: (B)

Q.2 Loktak lake is located in

(A) Kashmir

(B) Uttarakhand

(C) Manipur

(D) Odisha

Ans:- (C)

Q.3 Which of the following acts as a resistance against in the body?

A. Carbohydrates

B. Red corpuscles

C. Vitamins

D. White corpuscles

Ans: (D)

Q.4 When did Commander Robert Peary discovered North Pole?

A. 1904

B. 1905

C. 1908

D. 1909

Ans: (D)

Q.5 What is done to raise dough while making bread?

A. Alcohal is added.

B. Yeast is added.

C. Carbon dioxide is passed.

D. Air is passesd.

Ans: (B)

Q.6 Jharia (Jharkhand) is famous for

A. sports goods

B. copper mines

C. coal mines

D. gold mines

Ans: (C)

Q.7  The Pilotless target aircraft, fabricated at the Aeronautical Development Establishment, Bangalore, is

A. Lakshya

B. Cheetah

C. Nishant

D. Arjun

Ans: (A)

Q.8 Rohinton Baria Trophy is associated with

A. football

B. hockey

C. cricket ‘Inter-University’

D. inter-university sports and athletics

Ans: (C)

Q.9 The age of retirement of the Judges of High Court in India:

(A) 60 years

(B) 65 years

(C) 55 years

(D) 62 years

Ans:- (D)

Q.10 Change of focal length  of the lens of eyes is called

(A) Pupil

(B) Shipincter muscle

(C) Circular Muscle

(D) Cilliary Muscle

Ans:- (D)

Q.11 Who was the teacher of Gautama Buddha?

(A) Patanjali

(B) Panini

(C) Alara Kalama

(D) Kapila

Ans:- (C)

Q.12 The first chairman of the Africa fund committee was

A. Late Rajiv Gandhi

B. Late Indira Gandhi

C. Late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

D. None of the above

Ans: (A)

Q.13 The award instituted to honor outstanding agricultural scientists is

A. Bhatnagar Award

B. Borlaug Award

C. Dadabhai Naoroji Award

D. Arjuna Award

Ans: (B)

Q.14 Sushri Lata Dinanath Mangeshkar received Bharath Ratna in

A. 2000

B. 2001

C. 2002

D. 2003

Ans: (B)

Q.15   Who is the first citizen of our country?

(A) PM

(B) President

(C) Speaker/Lok Sabha

(D) Chief Justice of India

Ans:- (B)

Q.16 The main reserves of phosphorus in the biosphere is in the

A. hydrosphere

B. troposphere

C. lithosphere

D. atmosphere

Ans: (C)

Q.17 The conservation hawks and owls is important to mankind chiefly because these birds eat

A. harmful birds

B. harmful reptiles

C. many harmful rodents

D. numerous weed seeds

Ans: (C)

Q.18 Eugenics is the study of

A. genetic of plants

B. different races of mankind

C. people of European origin

D. altering human beings by changing their genetic components

Ans: (D)

Q.19 The largest cantilever bridge of India is

A. Howrah Bridge

B. Mahatama Gandhi Setu

C. Chambal Bridge

D. None of the above

Ans: (A)

Q.20 INS Venduruthy is located at

A. Kochi

B. Mumbai

C. Lonavla

D. Jamnagar

Ans: (A)

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